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    Solved Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard Issues

    My WHS Dashboard will just close out after a few seconds of it being open. I cannot do anything in that time period. It also happens from the web, and from the server itself. Help? EDIT: M$ helped me and it is all fixed.
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    Cant boot onto anything, brand new motherboard.

    I just got back from vacation andwent to turn on my pc which worked before on my Gigabyte GA78LMTS2 and now cant boot into Windows, instalation media, anything. it just hangs on the BIOS load screen. I am using AHCI for my sata. Any help?
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    Solved Udimm vs dimm

    Ok, so I just bought a new motherboard, due to my chipset not working properly and it used ddr2. my new motherboard uses ddr3. I bought some new memory and it is UDIMM, not dimm on the gigabyte website. Will it still work on a GA-78LMT-S2?
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    Solved No drives detected?

    If this is in the wrong thread, please tell me. I am not thinking right today. Yesterday, my PC booted up slow, like 3 hours on the windows logo. So, I decided to reinstall Windows 8. On the custom menu, my drives were detected. I selected my normal boot drive and I get something like: An error...
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    Solved Remote Access not working on Windows Home Server 2011

    If I should not Post this on this forum, feel free to help me and tell me a forum for this. The other day, I built my first server (Well, not really built it, It was an HP Pavilion XD) I set it up perfectly with Windows Home Server 2011 and when I went to set up remote access, I get this (the...
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    Solved Is it legal to download a copy of Windows but use a legit-

    Opps, Sorry! The full title is: Is it legal to download a copy of Windows but use a legit Product Key? So any ways, I WAS thinking about getting a new copy of Windows because my old hdd died so yah.. (I found a nice HDD for a replacement) I thought to my self "Wait a minute, I still have that...