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  1. MD678685

    WiFi internet connection issue (cannot connect to interne)

    WiFi internet connection issue (can't connect to internet) Hi, haven't been here for a long time! I'm currently having a problem with using WiFi on Windows 8. I can't seem to connect to the internet at all over WiFi. Previously I randomly had issues where my internet connection would randomly...
  2. MD678685

    Is anyone aware of blogs randomly linking to us?

    "Lego Island": 15 years and one architecture … – Windows 8 Forums | Windows 7 Buying --Example I googled lego island on windows 8 and this came up as the second-to-last page. Anyone ever noticed that? EDIT: They are also copying specs of the profiles. ​OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64(!) CPU Intel...
  3. MD678685

    Solved "Lego Island": 15 years and one architecture later and it still works!

    Hello again. Today I don't really have an exciting post, but here goes: Lego Island works on Windows 8 Release Preview x64! Yep, that's right, a 16-bit game on a 64-bit computer. It works fairly well but requires d3drm.dll to be added to the install folder, then changing the game so that it...
  4. MD678685

    Solved Would I be able to enable the user tile on the taskbar?

    Hi. I am using Windows Developer Preview. It appears to lack the user tile on the taskbar. Is there a way to re-enable it?
  5. MD678685

    Solved Unable to exit Metro Apps without using Task Manager

    Hello. I am unable to exit Windows Metro interface applications without launching Task Manager. Is there any fix for this? Thanks, MD678685
  6. MD678685

    Solved Developer Preview installation freezes

    Here is what I try to do to install Windows: Procedure Copying Windows Files Expanding Windows Files Installing Features Installing Updates Finishing installation Total Percentage 1 52% 0% 0% 0% 0% 10% 2 ? ? ? ? ? 52% 3 100% 48% 0% 0% 0% 29% 1: Run "D:\sources\setup.exe" via Windows...
  7. MD678685

    \Boot\BCD\ error when trying to install

    Hi. When I am trying to install Build 7955 on my laptop, I get a "Windows Boot Manager" error with a reference to "\Boot\BCD\". Help??? This article is carried on from
  8. MD678685

    Solved Confusing message in Build 7955

    I have just installed it in a VirtualBox VM and it is now on 1st boot. However, i'm now having the following message: "Your our o rr o o or uo rror o" Help? :nerd: I Love Bob! :nerd: