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    WiFi internet connection issue (cannot connect to interne)

    Oh, okay. Thanks for the update + link. I'll have to read those comments at some point. So, I'll still have to use up a USB port for my dongle. (DualShock 3 + Bluetooth + WiFi + Kindle Fire HD = four ports. Luckily my laptop has exactly that number!)
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    WiFi internet connection issue (cannot connect to interne)

    First, thanks for the quick reply! I realised I made a mistake: I was using my WiFi dongle when I ran ipconfig. I'll put another one with the info from when I don't have my dongle in. I'm using Hamachi to connect to private Minecraft servers as the person who hosts finds port-forwarding and...
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    WiFi internet connection issue (cannot connect to interne)

    Sorry about the long delay. I am using a D-Link "Sky Broadband" Router from 2012 but I don't know what model it is. Security is *types "192." in browser and hits enter* WEP and the encryption says "Open System" and "64 bit (10 hex digits)". Now if only [spoiler] tags existed...
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    WiFi internet connection issue (cannot connect to interne)

    WiFi internet connection issue (can't connect to internet) Hi, haven't been here for a long time! I'm currently having a problem with using WiFi on Windows 8. I can't seem to connect to the internet at all over WiFi. Previously I randomly had issues where my internet connection would randomly...
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    Bing add in Reversi App. This is not good. =(

    The free version is the one with ads, the paid version is the one WITHOUT ads.
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    Is there a new build of Windows 8?

    I know Chrome does a similar thing, and it isn't something that will affect the user, in fact it may help the user when trying to close all tabs other than one. As for bugs in the OS itself, I found that if I turn my touchpad off then back on, then touch the touchpad, the cursor goes everywhere...
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    The worst thing since Microsoft Bob: What is MS thinking?

    I'm not trying to cause any form of argument here and am sorry if I do end up doing so. Windows 8 will be different at release, not betteror worse. It has really kicked off maybe millions of discussions and arguments and flaming problems on forums by adding Metro into it. Metro has been annoying...
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    My top 2 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8--share yours

    1. Does no-one understand metro is a new feature not a replacement of features. That means you are wrong with the utilities. And WMP is included. 2. Or you could switch to Windows 8 default drivers/apps instead of desktop apps which use up 15TB because they're in "Windows 8 Preview". Oh, and...
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    Linking external files in Metro UI

    Wrong forum 1. Click the down arrow next to Files. 2. Select Computer from the menu. 3. Select your other drive. 4. Locate your file and click Open. If at stage 3 your drive doesn't appear you will need to make a new partition that is NTFS or FAT32 and move your...
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    Is anyone aware of blogs randomly linking to us?

    "Lego Island": 15 years and one architecture … – Windows 8 Forums | Windows 7 Buying --Example I googled lego island on windows 8 and this came up as the second-to-last page. Anyone ever noticed that? EDIT: They are also copying specs of the profiles. ​OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64(!) CPU Intel...
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    Real Player15 incompatible with Windows 8

    Press :orb: then type windows. Click Windows Media Player.
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    Cant Play Minecraft

    That error is self-explanatory. The default drivers that come as default(even for ATI Radeon or nVidia) do not support OpenGL. Update to the Windows 7 or(if available) the Windows 8 Beta drivers.
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    Solved "Lego Island": 15 years and one architecture later and it still works!

    Hello again. Today I don't really have an exciting post, but here goes: Lego Island works on Windows 8 Release Preview x64! Yep, that's right, a 16-bit game on a 64-bit computer. It works fairly well but requires d3drm.dll to be added to the install folder, then changing the game so that it...
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    Problem with Audio Devices Connecting/Disconnecting

    Hello, and a late welcome to EightForums. Download the drivers for your audio card and reinstall them. If it carries on, it is a hardware problem indication that the hardware is incompatible with Windows 8. BTW, how old is your computer?
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    My laptop randomly shuts off without warning

    I've just posted the same post about my Aspire 7736G. Keep checking it, because the fix for mine might be the fix for yours. My post: ~~~~
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    Who's seen the new BSOD screen?

    I got my first when I terminated a system process. LOL!!! ;)
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    Keep One Change One [4]

    Free Epicness
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    Wow, there is no more Start button built in on the taskbar...

    Using a few utilities and Newgen, this can be achieved.
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    How Do I: change my Login address ....etc.

    Sorry, you'll have to take it up between Microsoft and the service provider.
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    How Do I: change my Login address ....etc.

    Do you have a Windows Live Hotmail address? If you don't, this method will not work. Go to the Settings app. Click Users. Click the option to change to a local account. Now, change back to a Windows Live ID. Enter your new address. Log off and back on.