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    Laptop slow, clean install, yes or no?

    The first thing I would do is try not using CCleaner every day for a few days at least to see if there is any change in behavior. I am not saying CCleaner is bad because I have used it on occasion for a very specific task but I would never use it every day. As for Temp Files, windows has a...
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    Laptop slow, clean install, yes or no?

    There are several built-in diagnostic tools in W-8.1, look under Control Panel/Administrative tools. I would start there first.
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    Laptop slow, clean install, yes or no?

    I wouldn't overlook the possibility of hardware issue. Run disk and memory diagnostics and make sure you don't have a over-heating problem. With SFC coming up clean I think the Windows OS is likely OK so I would take a little time to look elsewhere before a clean install because you can...
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    Can't delete folder

    If you were to enable the Built-in Administrator you will have full access and can delete anything you desire. Follow the tutorial.
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    windows 10

    Yes! When I exercised that function on one of my machines last year everything was returned to as before with all files intact but when it boots up to the previous OS it will be ready to upgrade to W-10 once again so you need to be ready to react to that and cancel or block any upgrade. I had...
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    windows 10

    There should be a recovery option in W-10 to roll back to your previous OS.
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    Windows software won't run

    First thing I would do is run Sfc /scannow from Adm Command Prompt. If it finishes with no errors get back. If any errors run Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth from Adm Command Prompt. If it says errors repaired run Sfc /scannow andGet back with results.
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    Unknown Item in Task Manager Startup Tab

    Most likely it is the remnants of something that was uninstalled. I have had this happen before when uninstalling software via Programs & Features or the software's own uninstall feature. Many times the uninstall leaves some bits behind unless you use a dedicated uninstall program like REVO...
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    Is Microsoft forcing Update to reactivate? Mine just did

    Try this latest block windows 10 release. "Never 10" Looks pretty good. How to make sure your PC doesn't auto-install Windows 10 | CIO Never 10 is the latest way to banish Microsoft's unwanted Windows 10 advances- The Inquirer
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    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    KB3103709 is gone from my PC's as well. Never installed. I hid the update, just now Restored it, checked for updates and it was gone. I too wonder what that was all about??????????????????
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    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    At this point I am I am treating update KB3103709 as malicious. Lacking any information from M$ as to the validity and/or purpose of this update, KB3103709 will not be installed. After M$ included W-10 Upgrade BS in a critical IE update I don't believe you can trust M$ when it comes to...
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    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    I am still holding off on those two updates. They are optional so it can't be anything that important. The days of trusting M$ are long gone.
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    IE update KB3139929 causes computer to freeze

    I think you are correct. In that case, my primary PC which I removed the recent update is currently on 11.0.28 but my laptop which has the Cumulative update installed is on 11.0.29 but I have not seen any issues on the laptop this afternoon.
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    IE update KB3139929 causes computer to freeze

    I had the recent Cumulative IE11 Update installed for a couple of days then uninstalled upon finding out it also included some W-10 BS but I can't say it caused any issues cause I had it for just a couple of days. It is still installed on my laptop but I don't use it much so I can't really say...
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    Solved Changed Administrator and deleted the old one-> Restricted

    If you follow the instructions in the Tutorial and Enable the built-in Administrator Acct. you should be able to do anything you want with the device.
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    delay windows 10 upgrade after the files have been downloa

    I know there is a way to deal with your issue in one or more of the Tutorials on this forum. Look for Tutorials in the banner at the top of the page. I will be looking as well. Although not the best option but you could let W-10 install and NOT Accept the Service/User/EULA Agreement at it...
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    Win 8.1 Problem with desktop after system start.

    What's the possibility that you might have a Restore Point that you could go back to. Even if one was not created before the Registry Cleaning there could still be one from some point in the past. Also, many Registry Cleaners automatically create a Restore Point as a part of their operation.
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    Can I stop Windows 10 from installing?

    Along with the other suggestions you should immediately backup everything on your PC including creating a backup image of your PC with a program like Macrium Reflect (Free) just in case you run into problems.
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    KB3044374 is there a way to uninstall this update?

    I don't think I would worry too much about KB3044374 if you cannot uninstall it. Update KB3035583 (GWX Get Windows Ten) is by far the primary mechanism for getting W-10 on your machine. Without that installed and having your Updates set to Not Install Anything Automatically should keep you...
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    KB3044374 is there a way to uninstall this update?

    Just curious, is this update causing problems. KB3044374 was initially released April of 2015 when I installed on 4/11/15 as an optional update but this one anyway has not caused any problems that I can tell. I avoided or uninstalled many of the updates that even remotely had anything to do...