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    Vertical scroll speed changes spontaneously

    W8.1. Vertical scroll with an MS 5000 wireless mouse is fine for weeks, then suddenly it's on steroids. Changing it in Mouse PROPERTIES (or the registry) returns speed to normal, but only until the next boot, when it reverts to fast. Reinstalling MS Mouse and Keyboard Center software is a fix...
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    Network & Sharing Center - missing items

    The Network Sharing Center does not display the network route map or any icons that are standard in W7. W8 advanced network settings also appear to offer fewer options, as do the choices under "Change Network Settings." The attachment displays what the N&S Center looks like here in W8. Note...
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    Solved Build # appears on Desktop

    ***Automated activation process took care of it.*** "Windows 8.1 Pro and build # appear on Desktop" - which means it's not activated... When I attempt to activate, the last five characters of the string are shown, so it knows who I am. Enter the full string and it reports "this ID is being...
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    Mouse "wireless" tab

    In W7, with older drivers, the mouse config window had a WIRELESS tab. And a prompt would issue a low battery warning. With the advent of the newer MS Mouse/Keyboard Center, those features vanished. On 8.1 as well. Any way to get them back?
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    START UP - Win 7 vs. Win 8

    Under MSCONFIG|start up in Win 7 files paths and registry entry paths are shown for each item. Under TASKMGR|start up in Win 8/8.1 that info isn't shown. Is that handy information readily available elsewhere?
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    Freeze at media insertion

    Occasionally, and not immediately repeatable, W8.1 will freeze when a USB flash drive or wireless adapter, camera card or DVD is inserted. There is no keyboard input, mouse pointer is on-screen but dead. Reboot needed. No error message. Event Viewer lists "unexpected shutdown." There were...
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    Lock up/freeze

    Lock up/freeze UPDATED Inserting a CD or DVD (especially a blank rewritable) occasionally causes PC lock up/freeze. No cursor, no nothing; reboot required. No error message. No event error. ASUS P8P67le, I7-2600K Thrice, in the past two days, a freeze occurred simply while idling...
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    8 / 8.1 sluggishness

    Overall, responsiveness of 8 and 8.1 "feels" like Windows 7 - except when downloading a file in the background... During a d/l the system becomes sluggish to clicks and very slow to open programs - may take :30 to one minute. No difference whether the system is set for "programs" or...
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    Windows FAX broken in 8.1

    Windows FAX (and scan) broken in 8.1 Still broken. FAX send will hang/redial. Didn't work in 8.1PV - may have functioned in 8. The problem is FXST30.dll. Replacing it with the Windows 7 copy resolves it. This may require taking ownership. Someone here with Microsoft's ear might pass...
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    Solved Return to LOCAL account

    I was forced to sign on with my MS account when installing 8.1. Now I want to return to my local <username> account and not be prompted to log-in at boot up. How can that be accomplished, please? It's set for NO password.
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    8.1 SLEEP (auto)

    I7 - 2600K CPU 8.1, built upon 8, will not auto-sleep as its predecessor did. Hybrid SLEEP has been tested both on and off, fast shutdown is off. Monitor shutdown is 10' and CPU's is :15. Latest video driver is installed. "Power' troubleshooter has been run. The only issue reported...
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    FAX service broken

    Bug? ** RESOLVED** FAX service broken in 8.1 FAX sending appears to be broken in W8.1... After 8.1 install, FAX works as it should only once. Subsequent faxes hang and may report that the line is busy - which it isn't. Thereafter, the FAX attempts to spontaneously redial at boot up, though...
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    Solved Dual boot

    At times I used F8 at boot to choose an O/S... Win 7 on drive 0 Win 8 on drive 1 You got whatever you chose. Or, if you simply rebooted, the DOS- type POST screen offered a choice of either. If you did nothing the default would boot automatically. There was never a DOUBLE boot. After...
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    Solved File (Windows) Explorer start up in 8.1

    In past Windows versions, including 8, one could follow this MS advice... "To change the way Windows Explorer opens (copy and paste) one of the examples below to the target portion of a shortcut and name it Windows Explorer. Examples: Open Windows Explorer with My Computer as the root with all...
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    "Wireless" mouse tab

    In Windows 7 the mouse properties sheet had a "wireless" status tab. The PC also warned when the signal was low. Neither of these items is available in Windows 8, using the Keyboard Center latest software. Is something missing?
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    Solved Mouse/Keyboard Center

    A reinstall of Keyboard Center solved this issue. Clicking MOUSE in Control Panel returns an error that "a network resource is not available." Only after two cancellations of that message does the mouse config box appear. Latest .1777 version is installed. Why does it seek this "resource"...
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    Have a clue why Win 8 from time to time insists upon creating a "cmd" item under this registry key... [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shell] "cmd" then appears in File Explorer right-click context menus, and generates an error message when clicked. It is removed, and in a few months...
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    "Not responding"

    Temporary freezes and occasional "not responding" messages are not often seen in Windows 8, but occur much more frequently than they do in W7. Same hardware, same software. Only the drives and a few drivers differ. These hesitations arise in various programs or while manipulating UI options...
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    Solved F8

    Asus P8P67le MB and Intel 2600K CPU Just for my info, two queries... When F8 is pressed during POST a menu offering the following choices appears... SSD drive (Windows 7) SATA drive (Windows 8) CD/RW DVDRW Both W7 and W8 boot normally; there's no problem. But when I attempt to boot the...
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    Sluggish start up and multitasking

    Wondering if others note that Windows 8 is slower to fully load than is Windows 7 . It reaches the Desktop in approx the same time, but isn't usable for another 10' or so. I7 2600K CPU on a ASUS P8P67le MB Multitasking also is very sluggish, when compared with its predecessor O/S. When...