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  1. Giga Hawk

    Solved Confusing WHQL BIOS setting on GIGABYTE mainboards

    I am installing Windows 8 and the Gigabyte mainboard gives three options regarding the OS Which one to choose?? Obviously it is one of the Windows 8 options. Both will unlock a few new settings like the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) or (not visible on the screenshot) Secure Boot. But...
  2. Giga Hawk

    Solved Google Drive App on Windows 8.1 not working

    I tried uninstalling, reinstalling to no avail. Since the update to Windows 8.1, the Google Drive software stopped syncing and there is no icon in the InfoBar. I'm fairly sure it doesn't run at all. Anyone else with this issue? Is there a solution?
  3. Giga Hawk

    Need help with setting up mirror

    I have a workstation with 2 SSDs and I would like to set up a mirror (RAID1) with dynamic disks. This was very easy in MBR mode. Unfortunately I am in UEFI/EFI Mode and things are more difficult now. I am looking into the Microsoft documentation but theirs is based on another operating systems...
  4. Giga Hawk

    Windows 8 search function not working for me. Need help

    I know of two ways to search. Neither is working for me. Indexing service is active. 1) Using Modern UI (see screenshot) Good finds things including file contents Bad Searches cannot be saved No advanced options like (type of data: file, outlook etc..), size, date... File types associated...
  5. Giga Hawk

    Solved No Hibernate and volmgr Error with Event ID 45 in System Log

    This is about power management. I have not found a forum so I put it in the General Discussion. When I installed Windows 8, I had no issues with power management whatsoever. Shortly after that I could not sleep, hibernate or shutdown my laptop computer. :) I have since fixed the shutdown...
  6. Giga Hawk

    Solved Update makes WSUS Win 8 compatible

    An update for Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 is available (KB2734608) Win 8 didn't update with WSUS. This was released today. Works with Windows 8.