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  1. Collin2012

    Solved RTM Wallpapers?

    Can anyone still running Windows 8/8.1 navigate to C:/Windows/Web and or C:/Windows/Web/Wallpaper and zip/rar these files and send them to me? I no longer have access to Windows 8 and would like the wallpapers from the actual OS. I can easily google this but it often includes non RTM and or...
  2. Collin2012

    BSOD playing HearthStone, error 0x000000ea

    I was playing hearthstone when all of a sudden a crash occurred two times in a row several minutes apart. My friend helped me get the required information. I am fairly sure the game didn't cause this. Someone elsewhere suggested to update the GPU drivers but they are already at the latest...
  3. Collin2012

    Recent Places always empty

    I just noticed my Recent Places history is always empty now. Even when I right click the File Explorer it acts as if I just used CCleaner. What is causing this. And yes I made sure "Store recently opened programs" and "Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists" are both on. Any...
  4. Collin2012

    Question about JPEG and PNG properties 8.1

    So I was going to dive into tagging my images on my HDD so I can find what I what when I want and specifically what I want. But there is a problem. I can't tag PNG images. In fact PNG images differ in the properties panel: JPEG Properties: PNG Propertie: What is this crap? Is there...
  5. Collin2012

    FX 8150 80+ (C) and shutting down a lot

    A week or so ago I noticed a very weird whining noise coming from my PC. The only way I can describe it is perhaps a stock horror movie girl scream but not as intense and it wound up if you know what I mean. It wasn't ear piercing, actually far from it but it was noticeable. I couldn't figure...
  6. Collin2012

    Solved PCSX2 Won't Open (0xc000007b)

    I have absolutely no idea why this is happening and it only happens to me on Windows 8.1. I am dual booting 2 HDDs one with Windows 8 and another with Windows 7 both x64. Windows 7 works fine with PCSX2 but the problem is on Windows 8.1. I don't want to boot into 7 to use it because a lot of...
  7. Collin2012

    Two HDD's, Two Different OS's

    Not sure if this is the right forum or thread but here it goes. I have recently installed a second HDD into my PC and I am wondering if I can install an OS on the second HDD and be able to choose between the two like I would if I was dual booting on the Same HDD. EDIT: Some additional...
  8. Collin2012

    BSoD Kernel Check

    I haven't blue screened in the longest of times but once again I have Blue Screened. I recently re-installed AVG, however it is the 2014 version which says it supports Windows 8.1 Below is a log I gathered for you guys. The only thing I was doing when it happened was talking on TeamSpeak
  9. Collin2012

    WMP Slider not showing

    I have noticed that sometimes Windows Media Player doesn't show the track slider. Both tracks are M4A so I don't see a track format being an issue. And sometimes it does, which is kind of irritating.
  10. Collin2012

    Browsers Opening Slowly

    This recently started happening to me and now I am kind of irritated to the point of coming here. Every time I click on a browser it can take anywhere from 5-30 seconds or more to open now. Before you ask my computer is a gaming rig and has WELL beyond any normal hardware. When I click the...
  11. Collin2012

    Decent Graphic Equalizer Software

    I am wondering if there is any good software out there for audio graphic equalization. Or just equalizer you know for changing how audio sounds. I had a pair of headphones with software that made some things sound INCREDIBLE but I am getting rid of them for issues. I am wondering if there is...
  12. Collin2012

    Closed Hand Icon Location

    I am trying to locate some cursors that windows uses. I am aware of the folder with the cursor packs for windows. However two cursors I can't find are OpenHand and HandGrab. These are most noticeable when closing apps on Windows 8. You put your mouse on the top of the screen and you see the...
  13. Collin2012

    Solved GTAIV Windows 8.1 Install Error

    I want to know if anyone else is having problems installing Grand Theft Auto IV on Windows 8.1 I have a physical DVD that worked on Windows 7 but now it just says this:
  14. Collin2012

    Explorer Sort By Presets?

    I am wondering if it is possible to modify the presets of the sort by in Windows 7/8/8.1? I have a pretty big music folder with multiple folders. I want to sort them by Bit rates and other things. But I have so many folders I have to go into and add this new option into the sort by. Is it...
  15. Collin2012

    Solved Hard to Read Text.

    For the longest time it has been doing this. The text is very thick and distorted. Where it says "Ratings and Reviews, Related, Songs, $9.99 Buy, 0.99 and Preview all" It is not supposed to look like that. It does this on my browsers too. look at how distorted that is. Here is how it...
  16. Collin2012

    Solved Wallpaper quality is low

    For the longest time I have noticed when saving wallpapers from the internet or photoshop and setting them as a desktop wallpaper it always creates "artifacts". Artifacts are small pixels forming around outlines and such in an image. When on the internet the pictures on crystal clear. I...
  17. Collin2012

    GPU vs 1080p?

    So I have been looking for a new GPU to get for my rig. I currently have a Radeon HD 7850 2GB. It's decent but I can't get above 30-40 FPS on Battlefield 3 on some of the larger maps regaurdless of Low-Med-Hgh-Ultra. I was looking into the R9 290X but then I heard that the card is meant for...
  18. Collin2012

    Windows 8.1 Shutdown Hangs

    Every now and then when I shut down my computer it will show "Restarting" for about 1-5 seconds (My pc is fast) and the display will shut off. But the computer will still be running, the HDD and all are running. I have to do a hard shutdown by holding the power button. I have found this in the...
  19. Collin2012

    Adding Space to Another Partition

    I have dual-booted Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. I have managed to free up a significant amount of space on Windows 7 and was wondering if it's possible to add some of the freed space to my Windows 8.1 partition? If pic won't resize, cope and paste: ""
  20. Collin2012

    Compatible Anti-Virus?

    As far as I know there isn't adequate Anti-Virus programs for Windows 8 / 8.1 yet. Everything I use seems to BSOD my Windows. So now I am down to Peer Block, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Is this enough for me? What do you guys recommend? Comodo seemed to make my PC BSOD too.