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    Solved Windows Help & Support continuos pop ups

    07-12-15 11:04 AM I have been reminded I should not post here. July 11, 2015 (7:02pm) IF you are Experiencing Windows Help & Support continuos pop ups in Windows ver. 8.1 AND If you are using a wireless keyboard you may find this very helpful. I will give you the solution that worked for...
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    Solved Windows 8 Pro x64 Upgrade ISO file found Thanks

    Thank you Windows 8 Forum A BIG "Thank You" to all the “responsible” people in the Windows 8 forum, who provided correct and meaningful information about Windows 8 in the varioius subjects. The specific answer I was looking for was here, I just had to look for it and use it. The problem...
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    Solved Where can I get a Windows 8 Pro x654 ISO file?

    I purchased a Windows 8 Pro x64 Installation DVD from Staples for $ 69.95 back in late October 2012 but I have never been able to get Windows 8 to do the upgrade. I tried everything a person with 22 years experience would try including a ton of suggestions offered here and at other forums...
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    Solved Time consumming profit killing chaos

    This is a bit of a saga but you may find it interesting and worth reading. Thankfully, I created a system image on an external HDD before attempting the Windows 8 Pro upgrade from my perfectly functional Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I was full of great anticipation. I read at Staples you must do a...