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    Network Problems Since Latest Update. (Close, it fixed itself.)

    Hi, Has anyone seen this problem since the 3 latest updates from Microsoft, (13/10/2020) My windows 8.1 pc cannot now see the other PC's on the network.8-(( Also, it can only see the shared folders on my NAS drive, it cannot see the root of the drive. This PC has been working perfectly up...
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    Solved Xcopy strange behaviour? ** Solved **

    Hi Bree, Thanks for that advice, I'll remember that for netx time.8-)) Martin
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    Solved Xcopy strange behaviour? ** Solved **

    I found the culprit, it was the /e copying all the subdirectories for some reason? Hi, I have a batch file to copy over some data for backup. The following command is used xcopy "C:\program files (x86)\*.s3db" /e /v /I /y /h M:\Pams Backups\Money The batch file creates the directory and...