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    Solved Removing the Read-Only attribute from an Excel 2010 spread

    Removing the Read-Only attribute from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet? Hello folks, Have all a nice Sunday. Yes, how do I remove the "Read-Only" attribute from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet?:huh: OS Win8.1 PRO 64bits. Thanks for any clue. Cheers, Flores
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    Command sfc/scannow

    Hello, Why is that my command (as an administrator) "sfc/scannow" is not working as it should? When run, it opens and closes immediately a black DOS window, and nothing happens. My OS is Win8.1 PRO (64bits) I welcome any help that can be given to me. Regards, Flores
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    Solved I miss the button (Win7) that took you to the workspace

    Hi Guys, I miss the lower right side buttom on Win7 that took you right to the workspace window. On Win8.1, when we look for the Workspace, the Charms Bar covers it most of the time. Are there any such similar replacement buttons for Win8.1? Any help is welcome. Regards, Flores
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    Solved How to completely remove Office 2010 from my Win8.1 PRO?

    First, that all of you reading this post have a very happy Christmas day, and leave your help for after Xmas. I was using Office 2010 on my system when I purchased an annual license to use Office 365. I removed Office 2010 using the Control Panel, and installed Office 365, which I did not like...
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    How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

    I use two notebooks. One running Win8.1 PRO (64bits), the other Win7 Home Premium (32bits). I also have an external HD, and three pen-drives I use with both notebooks, as needed. Some programs I use (a password manager, bkups, between many others) save data on these drives, and I need that the...
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    Any good, but SIMPLE reminder software in 64 bits?

    The quite old and FREE reminder tool "Remind Me!", from PC-Magic Software Inc. (Home of PC-Magic Software: Magic Folders, CD-Lock, My Spelling Words and more) shows "Days to Event", "Event Date, "Lead Time", and "Code". - “Code” to which you can add several conditions for every new event "How...
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    Solved Win8.1 - How to change colors like in Win7?

    I'm new to Win8.1, after using Win7 for many years. This may be a silly question, but I'm not being able to solve my doubt. I hate the paper white color on my Win8.1 Excel, Word, Outlook documents and e-mails, not to mention others. The white background on these documents hurt and tire my...