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    Sign In without the need for Password after Signing Out?

    Hi, Is there any way to make Windows not require a password after signing out for offline account? I don't mean auto login process as boot up, I've already enabled this on my offline account for Windows 8.1 but instead I mean after boot up auto login and then I sign out, I am then required to...
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    GPEdit vs RegEdit?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been asked before but is it generally better to tweak, disable and hide Windows features via GPEdit (Group Policy Editor) or RegEdit (Registry Editor) given the Windows version has both for the user to choose from? I'm asking both from a security stand point and...
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    Force SuperFetch to NOT ignore SSD.

    Is there anyway to force SuperFetch in Windows 8.1 to not ignore SSD's? I like the way SuperFetch ran in Windows 7 on my SSD boot drive, it did not ignore the SSD and was more aggressive which made loading programs smoother if the program being loaded was already cached. Maybe through regedit...
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    I'm done with Windows 8/8.1 on my laptop.

    One year of my life down the drain, well technically more like 6 months since I usually revert back to 7 after testing: Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows 8.1. I really want and like Windows 8.1 on my laptop but the blurriness and change to WDDM 1.2 is killing my eyes, so I can't even...
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    Windows 8.1 with Fast Startup Enabled Hangs Occasionally

    I'm not sure what's exactly the problem but sometimes Windows 8.1 hangs at the Windows logo at boot with Fast Startup enabled on a mSATA SSD with my Lenovo Y570 laptop. My laptop does not support Secure Boot/GPT or UEFI, so I'm really unsure if that's the problem. Once I disable Fast Startup...
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    Disable Drop Shadows for Desktop Icon in Windows 8

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Windows 8 can disable drop shadows for desktop icons and if so the method to disable desktop icon drop shadows in Windows 8. In Windows 8.1 preview I cannot disable drop shadows for desktop icons via control panel and I'm unsure if it worked in Windows 8 retail...
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    Windows 8 Pagefile Management

    I just noticed Windows 8 pagefile management is different from Windows 7's. From fresh install of Windows 8 after all updates and drivers installed with 8GB ram, Windows 8 recommends 4505mb for pagefile which is just over half the size of memory installed on the system. And from a fresh...
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    Permanently remove Touch Keyboard toolbar from taskbar?

    On the topic of Windows 8 customization, is there a way to permanently remove the Touch Keyboard toolbar from taskbar? I've tried disabling the service in Control Panel > Services then removing the Touch Keyboard toolbar via right click on task bar but after shut-down/restart the toolbar still...
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    Solved Missing Internet Explorer Metro UI.

    I know what the problem is, I have Firefox set as default browser in Windows 8. Is there a way around this to get Internet Explorer Metro UI title back without setting Internet Explorer 10 as default browser? Thanks in advance,
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    Solved LOL...How come there's a banned user that visit my page?

    Too funny had to make a topic. :cry:
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    Windows Store and Xbox on Windows installed location?

    Hi Just wondering can games and apps purchased from Microsoft store for Windows 8 be installed in a different location or partition? I'm just wondering because this will effect the SSD size I'm getting for the OS as boot drive. Example: Windows 8 now has apps like Android with the Metro UI...
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    Can I still get the $14.99 upgrade to Pro option?

    I'm looking into buying a new laptop with Windows 8 tomorrow. Thing is the laptop comes with Windows 8 non Pro version. Can I still get the $14.99 upgrade to Pro option or is this only for Windows 7 computers? Would be sorta retarded if Microsoft is only offering this to Windows 7 computers...