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    How to remove extra space in taskbar pinned items?

    hey guys, Is there any way to remove the extra gap/space of pinned items in the windows 8 taskbar? Right now I'm using a program called "7+ Taskbar Tweaker", it has an interesting option "Remove Extra Gap" of pinned items. I'm using it for this specific option and it works fine however I have...
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    Frequent BSOD

    It could be the driver code is just not compatible with Windows 8 or in some cases the driver is buggy and tries to access memory space it's not supposed to causing the BSOD. You have to try and make sure all drivers are compatible with windows 8 to dismiss that possibility and then you can move...
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    Frequent BSOD

    Hi xsylx welcome to the forum. You have a number of drivers out-of-date on your system that you should either attempt to update to windows 8 64bit versions or un-install/remove them if un-needed: hpdskflt.sys (2011) - HP Mobile Data Protection System Disk Filter: Driver Reference Table...
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    BSOD Windows 8 Every 5-10 Minutes - FRUSTERATED!!!

    Hi, forgive me but I don't have the time right now to go through each mini-dump or do a thorough examination but this is what I have found. You do have out-of-date drivers on your system: pneteth.sys (2011) - PdaNet USB wireless tether: Driver Reference Table (Please un-install this...
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    BSOD Issues

    I think your BSOD is caused by drivers simply because there are simply because of the out-of-date drivers on your system, I saw some go as far back as 2007. Your laptop is not really meant for Windows 8 if I'm truthful, I say this because when I went to the manufacturers website all I could find...
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    BSOD Issues

    Hi there are some drivers on your system that are out-of-date, please update these drivers or remove them if un-needed. Since I can't find Windows 8 drivers for your system I suggest un-installing them, it's possible Windows 8 will have it's own versions of them: rixdpx64.sys, rimmpx64.sys -...
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    Hi... your mini-dumps appear to be pointing to IDSvia64.sys & SRTSP64.SYS. These driver files belong to Norton, please un-install Norton for testing purposes via the Control Panel/Uninstall first and then use the Norton removal tool to remove every trace: |MG| Norton Removal Tool
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    Please see this thread on how to post BSOD's for a more thorough examination: -cheers
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    Solved Disable UAC But Still Use Windows Apps?

    Thanks Brink, seems that I have found a good balance now with the aid of that file. Here's what I did: 1. Enable UAC via a tool called TweakUAC which has a "silent" UAC mode. 2. Run that reg file. 3. Took full permissions on my C: drive. So far everything seems to be working ok and I can run...
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    Solved Disable UAC But Still Use Windows Apps?

    I can't really remember what I was trying to copy but it was something from my downloads folder into another folder, it wasn't windows or any other "protected" folder. Eventually I just set permissions to allow the files to be copied, but I really didn't want to have to do that every-time I...
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    Solved Disable UAC But Still Use Windows Apps?

    I didn't really want this thread to become a discussion on how effective UAC is or not when it comes to security. I just don't like a "choice" being taken away from me or forced into doing something. Microsoft can't or shouldn't assume all users need protecting from themselves, I can see the...
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    Solved Disable UAC But Still Use Windows Apps?

    Thanks for the information. While I agree with some of your points I'd still like the option to do so. I've never relied on UAC for malware detection, I use an anti-virus program for that.
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    Solved Disable UAC But Still Use Windows Apps?

    Hi Guys, I have been using Windows 8 Pro 64bit version for a few months now and after a few teething problems I love it. I have disabled the UAC via the control panel, registry and the Local Security Policy editor etc... so now I don't get any popups at all. It's come to a point though where I...
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    Bad Pool Caller

    Your mini-dump does appear to be pointing to the file: avgwfpa.sys which is related to the AVG Firewall driver: Driver Reference Table please un-install AVG for testing purposes and use the built-in Windows 8 Defender. You also have a driver out-of-date on your system, please update this to...
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    kmode_exception_not_handled windows 8

    I have found some older drivers on your system that should be updated to windows 8 64bit versions or un-installed/removed if un-needed: atkwmiacpi64.sys - ATK WMIACPI Utility: Driver Reference Table (Please un-install ASUS Utilities and related, known BSOD creator) teamviewervpn.sys -...
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    You have a number of out-of-date drivers on your system that could be causing the BSOD. Please make sure you update these drivers to Windows 8 64bit versions or un-install/remove them if un-needed: vmci.sys, vmnetadapter.sys, VMNET.SYS, vmnetbridge.sys, hcmon.sys - All related to VMWare, please...
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    BSOD - whea_uncorrectable_error

    Hi and welcome to the forum. One of your mini-dumps is pointing to the driver file: IDSVia64.sys which is related to Norton Internet Security: Driver Reference Table For testing purposes I would un-install Norton by using control panel/uninstall first and then running the Norton removal tool to...
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    Blue Screens + No shutdown option.

    usasma has an article on how he does it here: "How I do it" - BSOD analysis for Users WinDbg Analysis Report -cheers
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. All your mini-dumps are pointing to the driver file: EtronHub3.sys which is the Etron USB 3.0 Extensible Hub Driver: Driver Reference Table I have been unable to find an updated driver either on your motherboards manufacturers website or on the official manufacturers...
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    Win 8 Pro freezes when ever it want's

    Hi LeoVen, welcome to the forum. Please read this thread on posting instructions, we will need more than the systeminfo I'm afraid: -cheers