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    Windows 8.1 only "sees" Sata_0 and Sata_1?

    Have you booted with a Partition Manager or Easeus boot CD? Could test whether they can see it. Also, might try a live Linux CD.
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    Why Have Most Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded to Windows 8.1?

    Windows 8.1 has changed hardware requirements from Windows 8. I currently run Windows 8 x64 on an older desktop. Can't upgrade to 8.1 x64 because 8.1 requires LAHF/SAHF and PrefetchW to upgrade to x64 and my desktop doesn't support these features. I can run x86 version but would like to be...
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    Solved [File Explorer]how to keep multiple windows open ?

    Try QDIR. You can open side by side or 4 windows at one time. Found it here. Page 1- Free Software effective solutions.
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    Latest version of Avast Antivirus

    I installed on W7 and W8 and after about an hour, I cannot browse my network. Hangs Windows Explorer. Same symptoms for both W7 and W8. I did an uninstall of previous Avast and installed new. Using Free edition. Going back now and will wait for first update.
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    Solved USB3 ext drive -- Weird error

    Only thing you might try is to go to device manager, right click on one of the devices and perform a "scan for hardware changes". I have had problem like this with a USB flash and this got it to recognize.
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    Solved E-mails can be sent, but not received

    Check whether the antivirus scans incoming mail. Could be hanging at that point.
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    Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button

    The Start menu is back but by other providers. Start8 Stardock has siezed an opportunity to sell a solution. There are other free solutions that people will find like Classic Shell. MS will believe they are right because these solutions will quiet the noise.