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    Solved Does this Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse look genuine?

    Hi, I purchased this off of Amazon, but the logo looks un-Microsoft like. I was wondering if anyone knows how I could tell?
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    Solved I cannot "TRUST" pc

    Greetings folks, I have just installed Windows 8 on my mother's PC and am attempting to TRUST the PC. I go through the process and it tells me to enter the last 4 digits of my mother's old mobile. My nephew now has my mother's old mobile. No problem, luckily I still know the number. So I...
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    Solved WINRAR and UAC

    Hi guys, I get errors when I try to extract .zip files using WinRAR so I tried the right click Run as Administrator and it worked fine. Unfortunately when I use WinRAR context menus the Run as Administrator option is not possible. So I went into Properties>Compatibility>Settings and checked...
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    Automatic app updates not working

    Hi guys, So I have "Automatically update my apps" enabled, but pressed the "Check for updates" button to check if it is working correctly, and noticed there was a Bing Weather update available! I've gone ahead and installed it manually, and sure enough the version I had: .258 has been updated...
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    Solved Photo app auto launch

    Hi guys, Every time I connect my camera to the USB, the Photo App automatically launches and it is driving me nuts. I wouldn't mind using the Photo App but it doesn't give me any option to delete the photos once transferred. I am aware I can right click the device in My PC and Import that...
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    Solved UAC and security question (WARNING: UAC NOOB!)

    Hey guys, I always run as Administrator and have UAC enabled on Default, but have a few questions regarding UAC, which I don't fully understand. 1. By using an Administrator account, I assumed that all programs installed would have Administrator privileges and didn't expect UAC prompts, I...
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    Solved Windows Automatic Updates

    Greetings, How long does it usually take for Windows 8 to download and install new updates? When I had Windows 7 I chose the "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download them" option. When I purchased Windows 8 I decided to select Microsoft's "Recommended" option of Install...
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    KB2964358 Important update (but not that important)

    Hi guys, I'm wondering why this security patch for a zero day flaw in IE 11 is not checked by default? Surely it should be.
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    Solved Question regarding Skydrive

    Hi folks, Well, I'm getting a little more used to Windows 8 now, but still have two questions I'd like answered. 1. I've turned "Sync your settings on this PC" off, but I've noticed the SkyDrive Icon is still active in the taskbar with notifications of the latest sync and the Skydrive folder...
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    Internet Explorer in Metro question

    Hi folks, I've finally made the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, and because Windows 7 forums were so helpful, I've signed up for Windows 8 forums. So please forgive my raging noobness. My question is: I've noticed that when I access IE through the Metro interface (i.e. black bar at...
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    Upgrading to Windows 8

    Hi folks, Sorry for the noobness, but I'm contemplating upgrading to Windows 8 Standard but don't want an OEM version but a version that is not tied to the motherboard. I've checked Amazon but they all seem OEM. Where can I purchase a retail version? Is this version now known as the Upgrade...