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    32bit vs 64 bit?

    I was just curious if Windows 8 32 bit is able to handle more then 4g of RAM now. I know in previous versions, this was the maximum for the 32 bit. It just seems that since -everything- you buy now has 4g of ram in it, including tablets, that the software might have changed to accommodate it.
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    Can't find the option to burn an ISO disk

    Thanks for the link SIW2! I will get on that as soon as I get home from classes today. Does this mean that since I've activated my product key as a 32-bit I wont be able to use it for a 64-bit install? Is there a way I can change it maybe? If I reformat and upgrade to a 64-bit version I'd hate...
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    Can't find the option to burn an ISO disk

    I recieved my upgrade via my university's website. They were offering the upgrade for $29.99 so I thought, I can't miss this oportunity to upgrade my old XP system. The problem is this: I have a 32-bit version of XP on my system, so when I do an upgrade within the XP OS it automatically...