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    Windows Defender "no threats were found" notification

    Is there a way to hide just the nothing found notifications, without hiding all notifications? The nothing found notifications are useless I don't know why I have to see that all the time. It appears I can disable Windows Defender notifications entirely via PC Settings > Search and Apps >...
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    Restoring 'Previous Versions' tab

    I notice Windows 8 doesn't have the previous versions tab on files or folders. I found a workaround by searching, \\localhost\c$ to get the previous versions tab. The problem is on everything I've tried there is no previous version. I can see in vssadmin I have some shadow copies so why is it...
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    Explorer shell open variables %V %L etc

    What do the explorer shell open variables mean? I notice several variables such as %1 %L %V etc. Like for example the default "open command window here" entry in Windows 8.1 uses cmd.exe /s /k pushd "%V": [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\cmd\command] @="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\"" I added...
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    Solved Printing doesn't work in Irfanview on Windows 8 x64

    I can't get printing to work in Windows 8 x64 when using Irfanview. I've tried two computers and a virtual machine. I've already written the author about this and he wrote me back: If some of you here use Irfanview could you try to print something from it? Its print dialog doesn't show up for...
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    Access violations when using NetMeter

    I installed NetMeter for Windows 8 x64 and recently every time it starts NetMeter throws all kinds of access violations to seemingly random addresses. It never used to be like that. It may have started after updates earlier this month. Is there anyone else here who uses NetMeter in Windows 8...
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    Windows 8 services fussvc and Te.Service are unsigned?

    I have recently upgraded one of my computers to Windows 8 Pro x64. I haven't installed much of anything except three versions of Visual Studio, a start button (start menu reviver), a file eraser app (eraser), firefox, winrar, and adobe flash player. Today I ran autoruns to turn off the Eraser...