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    Login Screen Account Picture

    Hi I am unable to see the my account picture while entering login password in windows 8.1,i have uploaded the picture in account (Screen Shot in thread) waiting for your help
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    JPEG Image not opening No Enough Memory

    Hi M8 Please guide me how can i remove the error in viewing JPEG image in windows 8.1
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    Hi Please help with source to download Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 2021 ISO
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    Windows 8.1 X64 Enterprise en US Dec 2016

    Hello anybody help me with a link to download Windows 8.1 X64 Enterprise en US Dec 2016 (with Updates) Waiting for your kind reply Cheers Trojan
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    Install Apps from Windows Store Without Sign In

    Hi Can anybody help me out the way to install apps from windows store with out signing into Microsoft Account. Thanks for your help Cheers TrojanHorse27
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    Toshiba Sattelite C660 Windows 8.1 Drivers x64

    I am installing Windows 8.1 x64 to Toshiba Sattelite C660 laptop can anybody help with the link to donwload Windows 8.1 Drivers. Your help is highly appreciated Cheers Trojan
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    Context Menu Powerful Uninstall

    Hi, I installed Iobit start menu to my surprise i noticed when i left clicked my mouse i found Powerful Uninstall in the startup menu can anybody help me to delete this context menu as shown in the snap. Cheers Trojan
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    System Restore Error Message 0x80042308

    Hi, i am unable to restore my pc nor unable to create system image the error code [System Restore Error Message 0x80042308] it for both creating system restore point and backing up files anybody please help. Cheers Trojan
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    Reinstallation Disc of Installed Windows 8

    Hi, I am formatting C Drive and reinstalling New OS to the PC but meanwhile i would like to have the backup of the installed windows 8 in case something goes wrong and i would not loose my old Windows OS files if i reinstall windows 8 back to C Drive after formatting it i should get the...
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    Solved Safely Remove Hardware icon Notification Area

    Hi, How can i remove this icon my computer is not connected to any external USB or any other drive in the notification area can anybody help to remove me this unwanted icon, I tried removing it so many ways by enabling and disabling USB from registry and device manager but still the icon...
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    Solved Genuine copy of windows 8.1 enterprise edition x64

    Hello Please help me a link to download genuine copy of windows 8.1 enterprise edition x64, where i can activate it with a key after installation Cheers Trojan
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition x64 Drivers

    Hello All, Please help me with Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition x64 Drivers link to download the exact drivers for the OS. Toshiba Laptop Model C850 -i2011 Processor Core TM i3-3120M Chipset Mobile Intel HM76...