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    How do I read-write to my laptop from my PC (both Win8.1)

    Hello Until very recently I used to be able to read and write onto my laptop from my PC, but suddenly it has stopped working for no apparent reason. Background In Windows Explorer, under Desktop ==> Network, I can see the name of the laptop. However when I click on it, a window called "Windows...
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    Solved How do I change just the *name* of a file type?

    [Windows 8.1 x64] Hi How do I change just the *name* of a file type - i.e. without changing the default program? For example in Windows Explorer my Excel files are called "Microsoft Excel Worksheet". And my Word files are called "Microsoft Word Document". However is I make the "Type" column...
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    How to remove labels beside open applic icons?

    Hello How do I remove the label text from my applications that are open? i.e. Each application that is open has (in my case) white text on grey immediately to the right of the icon representing each application that is open. In practice I tend to think visually and I never read this text. How...
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    Best free file (/directory) scanner for detecting malware?

    Hi I am using Windows Defender to protect my PC. I am suspicious that it may have missed some malware and I would like to scan particular directories. I understand that it is a bad idea to have more than one anti malware application running simultaneously. So I would like to install something...
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    Windows Explorer - how to force L & R to stay in sync?

    Hello How can I get Windows Explorer to show always the correct place in the directory tree? e.g. If I create a bookmark to a directory location, then when I click on it, Windows Explorer opens and correctly shows the files in the directory in question in the RIGHT hand window. BUT the left...
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    AV software - Where can I get unbiased review? (v Defender

    Hello Where can I find an unbiased review comparing the various AV software with Windows Defender? (e.g. Macafee, Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, BitDefender, Trend Micro Titanium, G Data Total Security, Webroot SecureAnywhere, Vipre, F-secure, Zone Alarm Pro Antivirus, Panda Global Protection, Avast...
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    OkayFreedom / Filezilla infections

    Hello I have just wiped my hard disk and installed Win8.1. After hours of work re-installing all my applications I have somehow accidentally installed "OkayFreedom". I don't know where it came from. Possibly Filezilla? Possibly LibreOffice? Questions: - What exactly is OkayFreedom? - What is...
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    What VPN settings are required for Outlook2013?

    Hello VPN/Exchange trouble! Although I can get one Win8.1 PC to connect to our companies MS Exchange (and download emails using Office 2013), I can't get my second Windows 8.1 PC to do the same thing. I am aware that I need to connect a VPN before connecting Outlook but what setting need to...
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    How can I share the hard disk of a PC

    Hello How do I get my hard disk on my PC ("computer A") to be visible on another PC ("computer B")? BACKGROUND Both PCs share a router. Both PCs are Win8.1 x64 I have logged into both PCs using the exact same username and pw. I have created a "share" on each PC by right-clicking on the C...
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    Does Windows 8.1 still need an anti-virus software?

    Hello I am converting a Win 7 PC into Win 8.1 by doing a fresh install. I was told that on Win7 that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) + Malwarebytes Premium is a good combination Should I upgrade to Win 8 or re-install Win 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums However it now seems that MSE is built...
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    What is TPM / Infineon "Security Platform" ?

    Hi What is Infineon Security Platform TMP? And should I run the initialisation? Background An icon has appeared in the bottom right hand corner of my taskbar called "TPM" and when I mouseover it says "TPM initialised, Security Platform not initialised". What (the heck) is all this? J
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    Recommend an archiving tool for Windows Explorer ?

    Hi Can anyone recommend an archiving application (or 'status'?) that works within Windows Explorer? Let me explain: I want to have a folder that appears at the bottom of every listing of folders to where I can drag any file that I've finished with but which I still need to keep in case it's...
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    I am still keeping my documents in c:\docs\ - Am I mad?

    Hi I was told a long time ago NOT to keep my data in c:\users\MyName\My Documents in Windows because it uses up RAM. So as the only user of my computer, for many years I have been keeping my documents c:\docs\ Am I mad? J
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    Solved How to give permanent UACS permission to an application?

    Hi Sorry to ask an obvious question but... how can I give a specific program PERMANENT permission to run? e.g. I still use a (very light and fast) desktop search utility called "Everything". It JUST searches filenames, and this is sometimes very useful. I don't want to turn off my User...
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    What is 'best practice' for password management?

    Hi What is the 'best practice' for managing one's passwords? A) HOW SHOULD I STORE PASSWORDS? Problems: 1. I need to manage a fairly large number (i.e. 50+). So there are too many to remember. 2. Obviously I don't want to keep them inside a simple unencrypted text file, in case my data gets...
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    Recommend a Win 8 tablet/laptop hybrid for business/web design?

    Hi I am looking for a decent new laptop for business/web design. I want something that will run full Windows 8 (although to be honest for the first year or so I will probably only use Windows 7 on it until the worst bugs have been fixed!) I need: - Form: Latop/tablet hybrid - Screen...