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  1. Skulblaka

    "Selective" Cache

    Greetings everyone, I've had a thought this morning. Is it possible to choose what websites are allowed to be cached while blocking any that aren't "white-listed"? I did some searching and I've got nothing, perhaps someone here knows something.
  2. Skulblaka

    Solved You can change your primary Outlook e-mail

    I just thought this is worth sharing with those who haven't noticed. You can now change your primary Hotmail/Outlook e-mail name or even change your Hotmail to an Outlook alias. You can find it in Settings, Account details (password, addresses, time zone) under Managing your account. I'm a...
  3. Skulblaka

    Creative Sound Blaster-Z Headphone Audio

    Greetings everyone, I just received my new sound card and I'm excited to try it out. I've hooked it up and connected my headphones into the proper jack. I try out the audio and it's bloody awful, worse than on-board audio (which is not too bad). I don't know what's wrong, this (I hope)...
  4. Skulblaka

    Audiophile upgrade

    Greetings everyone, Some background, I'm interested in quality of music and sound in general. Unfortunately I'm not as competent as I wish to be. So I'll entrust someone else who is knowledgeable in this subject. Currently I have the Astro A40 Audio System (take note that I purchased this...
  5. Skulblaka

    Solved Local HDD listed in "Safely Remove Hardware"

    Greetings everyone, I've ran into a strange issue, my local hard-drive is listed in "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media". Now the issue may be that my computer is a new build. I just assembled this computer, you can review my specs if you desire, and the hard drive is from my previous...
  6. Skulblaka

    Hard-drive transfer speed issue

    Hello everyone, This is an issue mainly with my hard-drive and not Windows 8. I attached an image to help resolve this problem. Whenever the 'Data transfer rate' reaches 100% I get huge performance issues. This happens whenever I deal with a few running programs that are accessing and writing...