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  1. MamaBear2017

    How can I configure a Windows 8.1 to transfer data to a new Windows 10 PC?

    Both the old and new PC are connected to our home wifi router wirelessly now. I just need to configure both, so they can see each other in my 2 pane file manager, and I can transfer data files to the new PC, then install new Windows 10 programs on the new PC for them. Please? ( I tried hooking...
  2. MamaBear2017

    Have 16GB - Bogging down when 1.5gb used.

    Asus with AMD FX-8310. This is frustrating. I upgraded to 16gb over a year ago, and it's showing being used, in the System panel. But it may have something to do with Chrome, or Malwarebytes operating simultaneously with Windows Defender ( they say that's ok ) but every once in awhile, the RAM...
  3. MamaBear2017

    Why does MalwareBytes turn off Defender on one PC and not the other?

    This is weird. We have MWB on my Windows 8.1 PC and it runs along side Windows Defender. But we also have MWB on my sister's Windows 8.1 PC in the same house, and if we start MWB, it turns off Windows Defender and Defender can ONLY be turned on, if we turn off MWB
  4. MamaBear2017

    How to implement a SSD?

    I have an ASUS M32BC which is a 2014 PC and would like to speed it up by adding a 1TB SSD. They only cost about $100 now. So how do I implement this? Just add it to an inside bay as a drive, then use Acronis to clone my current hard drive to it, then make the SSD the boot drive? Or is there...
  5. MamaBear2017

    Request: Please make Windows 8.1 updates reinstall Bluetooth drivers, if accidentally deleted?

    Request: Please make Windows 8.1 updates reinstall Bluetooth drivers, if accidentally deleted? My drivers were accidentally deleted and I'm being told that the only way to get them back is to run a system restore and risk losing everything.
  6. MamaBear2017

    Solved How can I adjust the mouse span?

    I don't see any setting for this, in the mouse setup. As it stands now, I have to swipe the mouse over the pad several times, to get the cursor from the left side of the screen to the right side. I remember there used to be a setting, that made the mouse move across the entire screen with just...
  7. MamaBear2017

    Some power setting got messed up - monitor is going into standby when display turns off.

    I'm not sure what happened, but something got messed up in the power settings. I have the display set to turn off after 5 minutes idle, and sleep after 15 minutes. But suddenly, the display won't come on again when I move the mouse around. Instead of the blue light, it goes to amber, which I...
  8. MamaBear2017

    After losing BlueTooth capability, this is weird too.

    I'm running an Asus M32BC AMD FX-8310 desktop. Around March 30th, I ran an update, and it seemed to be stalled. It appeared to be doing nothing for quite awhile, so I foolishly canceled it. Then I noticed that my on board Bluetooth had quit working. I looked at Device Manager and it was there...
  9. MamaBear2017

    Windows 8.1 won't automatically sleep - what about making my own timer?

    I've tried everything in the forums, to get Windows 8.1 to sleep automatically and have failed. But I did manage to rig up a manual sleep, for when I want to leave, where I hit Ctrl-Alt-0. So is it possible to make some kind of inactivity timer, like Windows is SUPPOSED to do, to invoke that...
  10. MamaBear2017

    How do I set a sound playback device to be OFF upon reboot?

    Playback Devices - Sound _ Playback I have a blue tooth Creative D80 speaker in the room with our parrots, next to my home office. I play music for Lucy - my Yellow Naped Amazon, when she's awake, and she loves it, and even sings ( in her own way ). :) But when they're all asleep after 10 PM...
  11. MamaBear2017

    How to replace my HD with SSD and another one for fast backups?

    Hi people, First a little background. I'm 69 yrs old and a former Electronics Research & Development Technician with an ASET ( Associate in Science in Electronics Technology - 1969 ). But back then, I was taught discreet hardware, not computers. Stuff like transistors, tubes and TTL. :-) Over...
  12. MamaBear2017

    PC won't sleep - have tried EVERYTHING I KNOW OF.

    Windows 8.1 Won't go to sleep automatically I've done quite a bit a research and nothing seems to support my case. My computer will GO to sleep and STAY asleep if I ask it to as in, I manually put the computer to sleep. But if I don't manually put it to sleep, it won't go to sleep, only the...
  13. MamaBear2017

    How can I copy files between my Windows 8.1 PC and Android

    I'm looking for some way to access my phone from my PC and copy/move files back and forth, without having to scan a code, like Airdroid makes me do. My phone and PC are both on my wifi network, so I just need a FREE PC app to "see" the phone folders from the PC and be able to do this. My...
  14. MamaBear2017

    Solved Can one ethernet port be split to 2 devices?

    I messed up and ordered something that only has 1 ethernet port, and I need it to go to 2 devices. It will cost money if I have to return it now. Can 1 port be split to go to 2 devices?
  15. MamaBear2017

    PC won't go to sleep on the timer

    My PC won't sleep now, on the timer setting. If I put it to sleep manually when I go to bed, it's fine ( I have a cool hot key for that now - when I hit Ctrl-alt-0 ) , but if I just leave it and let the timer try, it won't. I have the settings set to turn off monitor at 10 minutes and sleep at...
  16. MamaBear2017

    Is Windows Defender scanning outgoing Idrive backup data?

    I'm using Idrive for real time backup of my hard drive data. When I look at Task Manager - Processes, while Idrive is running in real time, it's using 100% of hard drive, slowing down my PC, and also the Antimalware service executable appears to be running and part of this too. Is something...
  17. MamaBear2017

    Security Essentials being turned off by Malwarebytes?

    I originally understood that these two were good to run together, but lately, MWB appears to be turning off Microsoft Security Essentials and unless I turn off MWB, there's no way to turn Essentials back on again. Should I not be running them at the same time? I paid for MWB, so which one is...
  18. MamaBear2017

    Good free password manager?

    Who has a good free password manager that's a download for the PC - NOT a web app?
  19. MamaBear2017

    CCleaner free alternative with NO NAGS?

    I've used the free version of CCleaner to clean my registries for years, but this past 2 years they've been nagging more and more to buy the newest version. Is there an alternative to CCleaner that's free, does a good job of registry cleaning, and has NO NAGS?
  20. MamaBear2017

    Can I play sound through two devices at the same time?

    I've never encountered this before, but... We have 5 pet birds in the room next to my home office here. They enjoy music and certain music relaxes them. So I bought a Creative D80 bluetooth speaker and just hooked it up in there, and linked it to the PC on my desk in the office here. I linked...