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    Solved Microsoft Solitaire Collections a No-Go

    Just had a client's PC set was still on 8 and having problems. (Really???) Hadn't worked on 8 or 8.1 in a while and took me a bit to find the 8.1 upgrade was through the Store.:o Owners are older couple who only do the basics, email, reservations, a little shopping and GAMES, of which Solitaire...
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    Solved Can't open PC Settings

    Can't open PC Settings and others from the Start Screen. Help and Tips, Reading Lists, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, One Note and Skype all have a black "x" and say "This app can't be opened" when clicked. "Store" and "PC Settings also have a black "x" but "flash" and disappear when...
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    Solved Remove local account at startup 8.1

    When this PC was originally setup, owner created a local account, of which the password is lost. A Microsoft account was set up after. At boot, the local account comes up with incorrect password displayed. I can click on the left arrow and access the Microsoft account. I have to enter the...
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    Another account added on boot

    All of a sudden I have 2 Users at boot. I'm set up with only one user with my Microsoft account. The first one is just my User name and below "The User Name or password is incorrect. Try again." Clicking OK takes me to another screen with my User name, (not my Microsoft account email), with...
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    All apps not working

    Can't access any apps. All have an "x" in the bottom right corner. Tried to access Refresh and this is what I get: Same as with all apps Pete
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    Solved Windows 10 dual boot anyone?

    I have 2 versions, an .exe and an .iso. Anyone looked, (Brink), to see which way to install the Windows Insider Program on a 8.1 PC? Pete
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    Solved 8 Enterprise Legacy-UEFI problem doing Acer recovery

    I have an Acer V3-731. Owner's nephew somehow put W-8 Enterprise on. Received a complete set of Recovery CDs from Acer. I want to do a complete recovery, no data. First CD, "System" started and said needed UEFI The BIOS is set Security Supervisor Password-Clear Secure Boot Mode-Standard (Only...
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    After 8.1 Refresh, problem loading Apps etc

    Windows 8.1 Pro I did a Refresh to clean up some problems. After the Refresh: Couldn't access store: Apps broken, black x 8.1 Power Options and Search missing No red x, no new toolbar at top Ran: Powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register...
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    System Administrator has blocked....

    Windows 8.1 Pro When trying trying to run a Program, in this case Dashlane, I get the attached warning. I'm the only User, running as Administrator. I've run my Malwarebytes, TDSSKiller, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit. This has happened with other programs but this one is constant now. Happens normal...
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    Add W-8 alone on SSD with W-7 alone on HDD with Dual Boot

    Somehow managed to delete the partition with W-8 which was dual booted with W-7. Acronis Disk Director screwup, my fault. Windows 8 files all backed up. I've merged the 2 partitions and now have a single partition with W-7. Thought this would be great time to install W-8 Pro, I have the disc...
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    Need to resize HD in dual boot system

    Didn't plan ahead:o Dual boot Windows 7 and 8. I only initially allowed 100 GB for my primary Windows 8 on a 2 TB drive. I'm hardly using the W-7 and now find myself out of space on the W-8 (C) I'd like to repartition to give (C) 1 TB and 1 TB for (D) Pete
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    Network Error accessing both Homegroup and Network

    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center, Windows 8.1 Comcast Gateway. Pro Media can access 8.1 Network and Homegroup. 8.1 cannot access ant Pro Media. Network Error "Windows cannot access \\Desktop\Users\Pete\Documents' (or any other folder) Can access IP4 address. Windows 8.1 new machine, came...
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    Solved 8.1 Pro W/ Media Center Repair Install Product Key fails

    Have a couple of different problems with my 8.1 When I try to use the tutorial, (thanks, Shawn), I get as far as the Product Key entry. The install was an original 8 I downloaded when it first came out. I then installed 8.1, probably from the Store. I recently downloaded and install 8.1 Media...
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    Solved Can't run exe also can't refresh

    Windows 8.1 Having a problem trying to run exe's. Adware Cleaner, AdwCleaner.exe fails. CCleaner, ccsetup410.exe works. Junk Removal Tool, jrt.exe fails, Malwarebytes mbam-setup.exe works. This just started. "A required privilege is not held by the client" when I try to open the above. Also...
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    Solved 8.1 activation after installing WMC ERROR CODE 0XC004C4AA

    I have a Windows 8.1 which I upgraded from my purchased W-8. Decided to order the Windows 8.1 Media Center Pack. Ordered online, $9.99 and installed. Got Windows Activation screen saying Windows can't activate right now. Try activating later. If that doesn't work, contact support. The...
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    Clone or move W-7 and or 8 to new SSD

    My system is a dual boot Widows 8.1, (default) and Windows 7 Pro on a partitioned 1TB. I want to keep the dual boot config but move my W-8 which is about all I use to a new Crucial M500 SSD,120GB and keep the 7 on the older drive, along with most of my data files. Am I dreaming or is something...
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    Solved Lost dual boot choice screen

    Dual booting windows 7 with 8.1. I had that neat looking boot screen that came up giving me a choice and setting default.:D Now it boots to a crummy looking F8 type screen every time and I have to make a choice.:( Not a big deal but I'd like to fix it. Pete
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    Solved Can I use WLM from the Desktop?

    Can I use WLM from the Desktop? I think I have it set up right but it doesn't look like I' can send. I receive OK I'm using 2 POP accounts, Gmail and ATT. Pete
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    Solved Put a (Game) shortcut on Desktop 8.1

    Setting up a new 8.1 PC for a customer. He was 97 :party: years old on the 11th and still computer active. Obviously, not going to get him accustomed to the new Metro tile format. Installed Start8. I want to be able to place a couple of shortcuts to the Desktop from the Game apps, mainly the...
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    Can't boot from CD (w-8.1) Missing Logon password

    Have a Gateway Desktop. Upgraded from 8 to 8.1. Somehow I disabled the disabled Password Logon and its back asking for a password at boot. Owner doesn't remember original password when setup. I have a password blanking cd that I've used on both 8 and 8.1 pc's. The problem is I can't boot from...