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    Solved How can I cleanup my modern apps to only preinstalled?

    When I first got Windows 8, I was like a kid in a candy store downloading way too many modern apps. Many of these early modern apps are no longer working. Another side effect is that newly installed modern apps no longer have tiles created on the modern desktop as if these is no more space...
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    Trouble activating a third monitor?

    What is the root problem I'm having and a workable solution for connecting a 3rd monitor to a Win 8.1 Pro x64 desktop? My primary desktop has a ATI Radeon HD 46000 Series display adapter with 1 gb or onboard dedicated video memory. I have a HP w2338h LCD monitor (1920x1080) as my primary...
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    Solved Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications

    When I install Windows 8 Pro x64 Hyper-V, most video applications stop working, even when the Hyper-V services are disabled. The affected applications include DVD players, store-based Netflix and Hulu, among others. For some reason I can still watch Netflix and Hulu if I use the desktop IE. I...
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    Can Bitlocker be used safely on Backup Disks?

    I have two machines with TPM 1.2 chips. These machines are at home, so the benefits of bitlocker for the system drive seems minimal under the assumption that anyone with physical access can gain full access of my machines. I'm more concerned with the backup disks which I rotate off-site. I...
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    Video card deemed incompatible iff Hyper-V is installed

    My video adapter (ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series) works fine with all desktop and modern apps, unless Hyper-V is installed. Even if the Hyper-V service is stopped, if it is installed many apps declare my video adapter is incompatible. Examples are the Netflix and Hulu. Once I install Hyper-V, those...
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    Solved All Downloaded Apps have an "X" on the tile need repair

    The default metro apps are OK. The store apps that I bought and downloaded from the Microsoft Store have an "X" in the lower right corner of their tile. When I click on the tile, I can go to the store and "repair" the App. How can I do this for all store apps at once, rather than one by one?
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    Is there a limit to the number of Tiles?

    At some point a while ago, new Microsoft Store appls I buy are not showing up as Tiles on the Start screen. Is there a limit of how many tiles I can use?
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    How can I install my Adobe Type Fonts?

    I bought many Adobe font packages back in the win 3.1 days. I have a stack of 3.5 " diskettes full of these Adobe Fonts collections? Win 8.1 Pro x64 Control Panel > Fonts applet rejects them all when I try to copy them to the Windows Fonts library. How can I install these Adobe Fonts...
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    How to recreate desktop app Tiles to Start Screen?

    Under 8.0 Pro, as I added traditional desktop applications (i.e., Office 2013), the install would create both shortcuts in the traditional program menu as well as Tiles on the Metro start screen. After upgrading (in-place) to 8.1 Pro, all of the traditional applications and their shortcuts in...
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    How to recreate "Windows 7 Recovery" app to 8.1 ?

    After upgrading from 8.0 Pro to 8.1 Pro, the "Windows 7 Recovery" desktop app had disappeared. How can I recreate the "Windows 7 Recovery" in 8.1 Pro?
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    Solved "Choose how you open links." greyed out

    Weeks ago I modified IE10 to always open on the traditional desktop. Now that I am more comfortable with the moderns start desktop, I wanted to change the "control panel > internet properties > programs > choose how you open links" back to the default to allow ie10 decide to open on the...