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    How can I configure a Windows 8.1 to transfer data to a new Windows 10 PC?

    Decades ago, I decided that I did not want to fool around with learning Networking. All my friends and computer customers use just one, or maybe two computers, NOT networked. So when I want to share files between any of my numerous PC's. I use an age old technique called the "Sneaker Net"...
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    8.1 just for fun

    I'm perfectly happy with what I have. At least these old eyes can still read it. Not really in to playing with drivers, to get a higher resolution that I couldn't even read. I've sent post cards, larger than the screen on this little Netbook. Thanks guys, for all your suggestions...
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    Restart Time

    To get the best performance (boot time too) it's important to have the right ram for your motherboard. When I built my Main PC, several years ago, I just put in one stick of 4GB ram. Some time later I acquired another stick of 4GB ram, but not from the same manufacturer. The two sticks of...
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    Would A Faulty Internal Hard Drive Make File Explorer Unresponsive? (Not C: drive)

    If Explorer is having trouble reading a drive, it can and probably will cause Explorer to lag or even appear to freeze. Good Luck, TM :cool:
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    Windows 8.1 updates installation order?

    Are you being facetious? Or do you actually Not know, that there are other sources....?
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    Icons are missing

    Maybe it's time for some C-4. That solves a multitude of problems. Happy Holidays! :cool:
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    8.1 just for fun

    Well, that thread just died a quick death! Happy Holidays, Y'all :cool:
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    Windows 7 File Recovery

    Ages ago, Windows 8.0 was deemed a pig, a beast and a huge Mistake! The old 8.0 forum was ablaze with hate over it. I can only guess at the HATE Mail that MS received over it. MS finally released 8.1 which they should have named Windows 9.0, because 8.1 was like a totally new OS, and a breath...
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    Windows 8.1 updates installation order?

    If your original Install was xx years ago, I'd not be using that same install again. I'd be installing a later version, possibly with all the updates that work. It's not that hard. The last Windows 8.1 ISO that I downloaded came with all the latest and greatest updates and hardware driver...
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    8.1 Pro - volume license key. NO updated drivers?

    With all the Guru's lurking around, I'm surprised that NO ONE has answered your plea. ??? By now, you've probably stopped looking for an answer. I'm not familiar with the in's and out's of the Volume License Key, but just let me say, that if that PC were mine, I'd install the latest possible...
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    Icons are missing

    There is a User Option to "Show Icons". Right Click on desktop, , click on View, then the bottom option in the list is "Show Desktop Icons". You can either elect to Show the Icons, or NOT to show the icons, by either Checking or UN-checking the little box. It's all under the operator's control...
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    Cannot select multiple items using ctrl on keyboard

    My first thought would be a CTRL key that's not working properly. I assume you're using the one on the left side of the keyboard. Have you tried the other one, on the right? TM :cool:
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    Downloads Folder messed up in 8.1 64-Bit

    Dude, why to you think there IS a desktop? I've told my browsers and my "Internet Download Manager" that I want them to save my downloads to my desktop, where I don't have to go looking for them. Then once I know I have the file I want, I'll move it to a permanent location, of my own choosing...
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    Windows 7 File Recovery

    I'm just curious to see what kind of answers you'll get, since this is a Windows 8 forum and you're asking questions about Windows 7. Good Luck, TM :cool:
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    Installed 8.1 on 2015 Win 10 laptop

    No longer compatible? In what way?
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    Restart Time

    That doesn't sound like any PC I ever worked on. That sounds more like "Mainframe" boot time.
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    Downloads Folder messed up in 8.1 64-Bit

    Duh! In any browser I use, I can go into 'Options' and, I can specify where I want to put any downloads. For simplicity, I've told my browsers and my "Download Manager" to just put everything I download on my Desktop, where I can easily find it, and then put it where I want it. Being in some...
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    Zorin anyone?

    My NEEDS far exceed my curiosity. I need to run Windows, I need to stay up to date on Windows. Not Linux or any of its look-a-likes. Because I run many programs that will run ONLY on Windows, and my several hundred customers also ONLY run Windows. So there is really NO place in my life for...
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    HP Deskjet 9300 printer on win 8.1

    LPT1? I've not seen that in ages! How old is that printer? PC? :cool:
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    Hard drive about to die

    I'm not seeing anything to tell me why you think your HD is failing. ??? What are the symptoms? If it's truly failing, I'd get my data off of it first, which will work the drive a minimum. Just copy it to a flash drive. Then if it's still running ok, do a clone of the drive to a new drive...