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    Well, in Windows 8 CP it isnť fixed :( Tried : Intel® PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth Software for Windows 7 32-Bit Can somebody help me?
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    ALL Applications WONT run?!?

    Hello (again)... Today I want to play Magicka but i cant run the game.. ( No debugging and crashing ) When I look in Windows Task Manager, the Magicka task is in the "Background processes" tab. Then I can run only: Explorer. Internet Explorer. Skype. Windows TM. Thats alll....
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    Hello again. I've got a problem with Bluetooth now. (Graphic Card Fixed) I tried Intel BT +HS, still not work, then I try the Azurewave BT, still not work. Can somebody help me please? (Model is ASUS X53E with Intel Pentium B950)
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    Intel HD 3000 " Not meet minimum system requirements "

    Hi, now I am on new PC and I installed Win8. But when I install graphic driver, it will write Not meet minimul requirements. Then is my Win8 so slow. EDIT: In WinUpdate was a small log: Intel - Other hardware - Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Installation date: ‎3.‎2.‎2012 17:47...
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    Realtek AC'97 ???

    Thanks, but its not work for me :( I got Realtek AC'97 Driver not HD... :( :( :( :(
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    Realtek AC'97 ???

    Hm.... Trying Delete old device and updating : Windows Security Not work :( Next problem: In Metro Start I not have Control Panel tile... Installed from Windows XP Professional SP3
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    Changing the color of Start button?

    I made it so: Aero - No Transparency - Make the color same of the gray color ;)
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    Realtek AC'97 ???

    Hi! I have a bug/lag/error, I not know now... But... When is install done, I restart it and... "The Audio Service is not running" Can somebody please help me? (Windows 8 M3 Developer Preview)