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    Recommendations for a UEFI BIOS Motherboard?

    I'm currently running a Gigabyte 990 FXA - UD5 motherboard with legacy BIOS. Thinking about upgrading the MB to a UEFI Bios. Looking for recommendations/issues/stay away from MB problems that you may or may not have issues with. Basically, what do you likes and why?
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    My experience uploading Windows 8.1 with profiles issues

    I too have windows 8 installed on a SSD drive and did not want my everyday user profile to take up space on the speedy drive, so I changed my profile to work off of my normal drive where there was pretty of room. I noticed when they release windows 8.1 preview, that the upgrade would not work...
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    Epson NX330 Printer and Windows 8

    This is more of a solution than a problem. I was running Windows 8 on my old windows 7 box, and the printer would work perfectly. I then upgraded my windows 7 box to a new MB, SSD, and more RAM and the printer would not work via the USB port. I tried the latest drivers and nothing seemed to...
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    Metro Video app and Library

    I have a my video library like the instructions state, but none of my local videos show up in the app. I deleted and re-added the right folders to the library thinking that would work, all to no avail. I have other ways to play my videos but thought I would check it out. I moved some music from...
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    Solved DVD Fab

    Has anyone had any issues with getting your DVDFab software registered with Windows 8? I'm running Windows 8 Pro and it doesn't like my register keys for DVDFab. It tells me it registered the software, but it still starts in trial mode. When I find the time I'll go ask the DVDFab folks...but...