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  1. J

    Slow wifi and blocked site help!

    Okay so I've had a couple of issues with my Lenovo P585. The wifi does not work all that well...... It either switches between 2-4 bars infrequently or it takes 10-20 seconds for a page to start loading. My drivers are up to date. Recently it has gotten worse and sometimes it says I have no...
  2. J

    Windows 8 snap feature portrait mode?

    So I've never seen how 2 apps snapped look when using a tablet in portrait mode. All I seem to see is landscape snapped apps. So can this even be done on a tablet. It looks rather useful, but not sure if it can be used in landscape and portrait?
  3. J

    Windows 8 tablet desktop mode suggestions?

    Do any of you have some suggestions on how to make Windows 8 desktop more usable? I was thinking of adding a mac os x style dock, since that seems a lot easier to use on a tablet. The icons are all pretty big and easily clickable. Was thinking of modding the skin of windows 8 to make it look...
  4. J

    Windows 8.1 no Audio AIMP3

    So my sound works fine for almost everything, except AIMP3. All sounds work,VLC,chrome,system sounds,etc...... Not sure why it doesn't seem to work for the application. I re installed the application and nothing changes. Not sure if this is a driver/codec issue? Kinda weird since it shows it...
  5. J

    Laptop wifi broken?

    OK so I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and turned it off normally yesterday. Now when I turn it on,my WiFi is disabled. I get the Ethernet cable unplugged with the yellow symbol. Which is odd because I have WiFi and should be seeing signal bars. The box you see on desktop computers with no WiFi...
  6. J

    Office 13 installation error help!

    So I am using Windows 8.1 and when trying to install Office 13 I get this error: Not sure what else to do,I try restarting and using disk cleanup. Any ideas? Seems like an odd error. :huh:
  7. J

    Windows 8 freezing problem help!

    I had run the "appdiagnostic" to fix metro app problems. It told me to restart. So I did. Everything was as it should of been. Got the login screen and logged in. Once that was done,the laptop freezes after around 15 seconds. Doesn't matter if is at the lockscreen,login,metro, or regular...
  8. J

    Make smaller sized windows 8 metro apps?

    So I used obytile to make some shortcuts and that worked fine! That is until I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and they where all gone! :( Seeing as I have only 4 rows I used the smaller tile size(1/4 regular) Now is their anyway to make some smaller sized tiles on 8.1? obytile does not make smaller...
  9. J

    Some booting up problems!

    So I have a 400gb vhdx windows 8 backup. The only problem is that restoring the image formats my hard drive. -_- So I have Linux and MAC on separate partitions, so I don't want to reformat. So I came up with an idea :) Install Windows on one partition and leave a blank partition ntfs...
  10. J

    System recovery image question?

    So I made one because my PC had made my disk to Dynamic. Not sure how to convert them back. I formatted my hard drive and put back restored windows 8. Now my problem is that I thought it would reset my hard drive partitions. I have 520gbs windows 8(used 398gbs) 100gb mac(empty) 50gb...
  11. J

    Useless PC as file server?

    So I have the piece of crap PC known as the Archos 9. Never use it anymore because I got a real laptop. I just bought a WD My passport 1tb hard drive. So I want to use it as an external network drive. I would leave my Archos 9 in a corner somewhere with the HD connected,with file sharing. It...
  12. J

    Win 8 tweak application?

    Is their anything to enable Take Ownership and other registry tweaks like that? I remember a .bat or .exe file that would apply some multiple registry tweaks at once for Windows 7. Anything like that for WIndows 8?
  13. J

    GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?

    First of all,it's nice to be on this forum :) Can someone port the GMA 600 drivers to the GMA 500(archos 9)?Or at least overclock?:confused: They both use PowerVR SGX 535. -GMA600 is clocked at 400MHZ and support some newer chips(Z600) Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 600 -...