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    Solved kernel_security_check_failure BSOD error

    I have been getting intermittent BSOD crashes with kernel_security_check_failure. Please see uploaded zip file. Thank you for the help! :cool:
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    wifi disabled upon restart or shutdown

    Every time I restart or shutdown my laptop, running Win 8.1 pro, the wifi is disabled (missing from Device Manager) and the light on the keyboard that indicates wifi on/off turns orange = off. When I boot from a shutdown I am able to press the button to turn it on light shows white. However...
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    wifi/bluetooth device not detected after reboot

    Since upgrading my HP DV6T7000-CTO from Windows 7 to Win 8 and now 8.1I have had an intermittent issue where the my wifi/bluetooth adapter is detected, until a restart, and then afterwards, is no longer detected. I have a Intel centrino wireless N 2230 which is both wifi and bluetooth. I cannot...
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    Copy Files Conflict: Overwrite Older Files ala Teracopy

    I've been using Teracopy since Win7 and when it encounters file conflicts, it gives you the option to overwrite older files automatically or with the press of a button. The Win 8 copy dialog allows you to compare files and skip those with the same date and size. There is copy and replace option...
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    Solved Windows 8 upgrade error:"We can't connect right now..."

    Each time I try the Windows 8 upgrade assistant I get the following error: "We can't connect right now...Check your Internet connection and try again". Apparently, a number of people are having this issue Steps to try and solve: Disabled AV and Firewall both software and the router firewall...
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    Can't login after trying to reboot in Safemode

    I tried to reboot into Safemode via msconfig>startup>minimal boot Not only did Windows not reboot in safemode, but now, after the Windows splash screen, I get stuck in a black screen with no cursor. Troubleshooting steps thus far: Automatic Windows repair via the Win8 setup Windows Restore...