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    How to open BIOS in Windows 8

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask how do you open the BIOS in windows 8. It doesn't show up on the boot up screen. I want to enable the Turbo Boost on the CPU which requires getting into the BIOS. If anyone owns a Acer Aspire V3-571 and knows how to get into the BIOS please tell me. Any suggestions will...
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    Running Star Trek Elite Force in VirtualBox

    Hi forum, I'm trying to play Star Trek Elite Force in Windows 8 but I'm still waiting a reply on that. Anyway as the title suggests I'm trying to run STEF (Star Trek Elite Force) in WinXP which I installed on VirtualBox but I keep getting a error: The virtual machine window is optimized to...
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    Best game you've ever played.

    Mine is Portal 2. What's yours?
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    Solved Running Star Trek Elite Force

    Hi forum, this is my first post- So I was trying to install Star Trek Elite Force and when I tried to it said that this app is incompatible with your PC. I have no idea what to do. :/ If you have to run it in a compatibility mode can you please tell me which. I saw one post that was regarding...