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    IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) and ExpressCache

    I have ASUS laptop that comes with 24gb SSD. From what I read, to be able to enable caching in the SSD after formatting all drives, IRST and expresscache should be installed. The default factory setting, which I formatted to, is bundled with IRST driver installer and express cache installer. I...
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    ASUS Vivobook s550CB SSD unallocated after reset

    I want to use it as a caching drive, instead of storing files. How can I do it? I have followed the instruction from GUIDE Install ExpressCache for SSD Caching - Acer Community I did the express cache only, though I have intel rapid start installed from the default. So, the partition in the SSD...
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    ASUS Vivobook s550CB SSD unallocated after reset

    I have ASUS vivobook s550cb with windows 8 in it (OEM). It has 1 TB HDD+24GB SSD. Previously, before I reset all drives in this laptop with the OEM OS, the SSD seems to be fully allocated. After reset, the SSD is offline and unallocated. Though, I have made it online in GPT disk, it is still...