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    where can i get windows 8 64 bit iso? preinstalled machine

    Hi I have Lenovo z585 laptop. I would really like to get a iso for windows 8 64 bit. Now I tried this Download Windows 8 ISO (x86 / x64) File Directly From Microsoft | Redmond Pie but I can't because my I can't find my cd key and when I did find it using a program " The Magic Jelly Bean " but...
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    Any way to downgrade windows 8.1 to windows 8? SLOW!!!!

    My laptop is becoming slow due to windows 8.1 which I just upgraded to like 2 hours ago. It has never been this slow when I had windows 8 but when I upgraded to 8.1 my laptop became slow all of a sudden :shock: Microsoft I hate you for making my computer slow :rolleyes:, so anyway to uninstall...
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    how to reinstall windows 8?

    Okay so I am doing the reset option built in to windows 8 but its taking me almost 3 hours to get to 51%. Is resetting windows 8 almot the same thing as reformatting? I would like to know is there a legal downloadable way to get windows 8 iso like windows 7 iso from digital river? I want to...
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    "Plugged in, not charging"

    Yeah so I have abou 95% battery and it won't charge. It says "plugged in, not charging" on the little battery icon at the right bottom corner when I click on it.