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  1. Bree

    8.1 Pro - volume license key. NO updated drivers?

    That sounds about right. You won't find anything newer for Windows 8 64 bit on ASRock's own site. ASRock seem to have stopped supporting this motherboard at Windows 8. For Windows 8.1 and above they just provide the audio driver. By the...
  2. Bree

    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    That sounds about right for a system that has an HDD. A more powerful processor and an SSD would be quicker, but still be in the tens of minutes. 90 seconds for a full upgrade would be a miracle, even a recent clean install I did on a system with a 10th gen i7 and an m2 NVMe SSD took 10 minutes.
  3. Bree

    8.1 pro Unable to open as administrator

    Yes. Restoring a system image made before the changes would resolve the issue, putting the PC back to exactly how it was at the time the image was made. It is always a sensible precaution to make regular system images with something like Macrium Reflect Free. Going back to a Restore Point could...
  4. Bree

    8.1 pro Unable to open as administrator

    Welcome to Eight Forums dane5547 No, it's far worse than that. The 'Yes' button in the UAC screenshot is greyed out and you are not offered the choice of any other administrator account to use. That means that there are NO administrator accounts available on this PC. If there were any other...
  5. Bree

    8.1 just for fun

    It's fun testing the limits of old hardware. I have an Acer netbook too, but a little newer than yours. It came with Win7 Starter, boasts a whole 2GB RAM and a 1024x600 10" screen. Currently it's running Win10 x86 and gets regular use as my 'take-away' device for some light web browsing while...
  6. Bree

    Lost my BIOS key

    From the OP's initial post, they couldn't get into the bios using the F2 key at start up... I have a similar Toshiba model, the L750, and I can assure you that turning on Fast Startup in Windows will bypass the bios screen where you could have pressed those keys at start up. This is because...
  7. Bree

    Lost my BIOS key

    The topic was posted in 2013, and no, it just meant that the OP had lost the ability to get into the bios by pressing the F2 key at start up. And as others have pointed out, this was due to having Fast Start up enabled in Windows.
  8. Bree

    New VLC update issues?

    You could try increasing the cache. Disabling hardware acceleration may help too. More here.....
  9. Bree

    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    That's anything up to 35 days in the Advanced options. In both Home and Pro the update to the next version of W10 remains optional until shortly before your current version reaches end of support. And there is as lot more control in Pro than in Home through Group policies. Then there are also...
  10. Bree

    New VLC update issues?

    I suggest you reinstall VLC 3.0.14 and choose the custom advanced install, making sure that the box for 'context menus' is ticked.
  11. Bree

    Computer acting weird: certain things not working like they should or at all

    This question was asked nearly a year ago, but if you still have problems then try running SFC /ScanNow .... ...if it reports errors it cannot fix, then you may also need to run DISM's RestoreHealth option...
  12. Bree

    WD10 ezex

    Welcome to Eight Forums. Google Translate: "i need drivers for this HDD - can you advise?"
  13. Bree

    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    No, the end of mainstream support means there will be no further development of Windows features. Extended support means you will continue to get new security updates, but nothing else. Extended support ends on 01/10/2023.
  14. Bree

    Can't run any swf games by any player

    There are any number of converters that can convert a swf file to an executable .exe file. This is one is an online converter.
  15. Bree

    How can I extract text from video?

    It may help if you first extract a sequence of images from the video. Then you can use OCR directly on the image files. The free open source command line utility FFmpeg can do that. For example, this command will extract frames at a rate one per second of video from the video Input.mp4 and...
  16. Bree

    What really is under the cover of my laptop?

    Pity, because for some major brands, especially Dell, going to their support site and providing the machine's service tag (serial number) will tell you exactly what it's configuration was when it was built. In general, click Start, type 'System information' and run it to see details of the...
  17. Bree

    I need to download a file but I can't download without registering and this website won't let me register.

    Welcome to Eight Forums. This site won't let you post unless you're registered either - so you are obviously registered now.. Try the download again, you should be allowed to download it now you are a member. If not, try signing out then back in again.
  18. Bree

    KB5000848 Security Monthly Quality Rollup Update for Windows 8.1 - March 9

    @Brink - New known issue: "Elements of the document might print as solid black/color boxes or might be missing, including barcodes, QR codes, and graphics elements, such as logos...."
  19. Bree

    My ASUS prints word documents ok but not scanned documents or jpeg images

    Welcome to Eight Forums @clad . This is a known issue with the March 9th Monthly Rollup. The issue is fixed in the KB5001640 update which you can download from the Update...
  20. Bree

    why does my laptop disconnect from internet when i walk into another room

    Welcome to Eight Forums. This is usually due to a poor WiFi signal from your router. Interference from your neighbours' WiFi can exacerbate this, particularly if they are using the same channel as you. Try changing your router's WiFi channel to one that is little used. This WiFi scanner can...