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    Lots of 8/8.1 patches are coming

    Massive optional Microsoft Patch-Day Incoming - gHacks Tech News
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    Performance in virtual

    Many people ask questions regarding operating system performance in a virtual installation. I run several Linux and Windows systems in virtual under VMware Player and the virtual system all run from an external SSD attached via eSata. Out of curiosity I just checked the boot times for a cold...
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    Rootkits in UEFI are possible

    Vulnerability Note VU#552286 - UEFI EDK2 Capsule Update vulnerabilities
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    High Contrast Themes in W8.1 and W10

    I have made a brief outline on how to apply high contrast themes in W8.1 and W10. In W7 the technique is different. High contrast is a big advantage for those like me who have a reduced vision. The outline is at my One Drive. Because of the setup I chose, it would have been difficult to post...
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    Like 8.1 and save

    If you like 8.1, you can get a really good deal - see here: Interesting Staples marketing - Win7 and 8.1 - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    My ball with the cheapest laptop ever

    I purchased this little 11.6" laptop for $99 (on Black Friday) - not because I needed another laptop (LOL) but because I was wondering what one could do with it. Last week they sold it for $149 but now it is back up to regular price. At first I was a bit stunned because the device was...
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    Device Encryption

    Device Encryption is a new facility in Windows 8.1. It applies only to small devices that meet certain requirements. It can be a great help bit also a pain depending how you use your device. I have been playing around with it for a while and documented my findings. I have uploaded my...
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    Why would Asus encrypt the C partition

    I bought an Asus Asus X205TA, 11.6" Laptop on which Asus encrypted the C partition. This is quite annoying because you can do nothing to the C partition - no images, no recimg and even AOMEI OneKey did not work. For my wife we bought an Asus 10" T100 Transformer. Luckily that was not...
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    Will Windows 10 make it

    Windows 10: Can Microsoft get it right this time? | ZDNet
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    Deceptive download sites

    I posted that already on the sevenforums. But for those of you who do not visit there, this may be useful information. There is a good article by Anand (HappyAndyK), the owner of the Windows Club, that describes which download sites to avoid and which ones to favor. I think it is worth...
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    Solved Power button on start screen

    In my 64bit W8.1 I have a power button on the start screen. In my 32bit W8.1 that power button is missing. Is that something I have to set up (I really don't remember).
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    Ugrade old XP PC to 8.1 ??

    Did anybody ever upgrade an old XP PC that is not Vista capable to 8.1. We have several of those sitting at our computer club and would like to give them to schools in underprivileged areas - but not with XP.
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    Change Windows background colors

    The colors of most anything that Windows presents on your screen can be changed - and it is very easy. If you like to experiment with it, you find the instructions here. If you have blurred pictures on your web app, you can download the instructions from here.
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    Keep trach of your installed apps

    I stepped on this tutorial which might be useful. Keep Track of the Apps That Were Installed on Your Windows 8.1 Devices
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    Question for the W8P Experts

    Is there a way to get the 'Settings' in alphabetic order. The way they are on my 521 is a pain because you have them in random order and it is a pain to find things.
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    My first days with a Windows 8 phone

    I became adventurous and spent $79 for a Windows 8 phone. I said to myself what can you lose, I spent similar money for a USB stick. But what I can gain is some experience - as if I needed that at my age, LOL. My first impressions are mixed. There are really 3 parts to it. 1. The Nokia...
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    Windows 8 phone - imaging options ?

    How does one image and restore windows 8 on a Nokia phone. Do the 'traditional' imaging programs work ?
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    Free VoIP for Windows 8 phone

    Now that I bought this Nokia Lumia 521, I wonder how I get free VoIP like I have with GrooveIP in Android. Does anybody have experience in this area.
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    Good-bye, Windows Phone

    Hello, MS-Android. Good-bye, Windows Phone | ZDNet
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    Solved Include in Library - little problem

    I have an Asus Transformer that comes with a 30GB SSD and 8.1 - so space is at a premium. I put my user files on a 64GB MicroSD card and was trying to Include the folders into the relevant libraries. That works well when I do it and the SD folder shows under e.g. Documents. But when I go back...