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  1. BarneyRubble

    Solved How to scam the scammers? Any ideas?

    Hi everyone. My mother-in-laws facebook was duplicated by a scammer and invites to accept her as friends was sent out to everyone on her list. No damage done as everyone was quickly alerted and the account either blocked or unfriended. As they have used pictures of my two grandkids as part of...
  2. BarneyRubble

    Does free Comodo Firewall contain an anti-virus?

    Now I know many of you will say there is no need for a firewall that will replace Ms's own one in Windows 8.1 and yes, I agree with you. But I wanted someting a bit more visually appealing and engaging. Plus I like experimenting with new software:geek: Anyhoo it's not a problem but after a week...
  3. BarneyRubble

    DISM error reported but no obvious side-effects noticed.

    To be honest, I'm not really certain if I have a problem or not but, I'm just curious more than anything else. Like many on here, I couldn't get the KB2919355 update to install but I resolved it by deleting the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. Everything is working fine and...
  4. BarneyRubble

    Sky News app & TV Catchup videos not working

    Evening chaps (& chapesses), As per the above topic title, I don't appear to be able to get videos working direct from 8.1 metro apps. If I run videos/live streaming from within my browser everything works fine but from within metro, all I get is purple coloured dots going across the screen...
  5. BarneyRubble

    Suggestion for admin.

    Hi guys, I see we have sticky topics for Malwarebytes & Avast. Considering that a lot of infections seem to be about malware such as nasties that re-direct web pages, pop-ups, hijackers etc could they be expanded to include a list of the most common infections and how to tackle them or at the...
  6. BarneyRubble

    Solved What does sleep mode sound like?

    Might sound like a daft topic title but bear with me. After my upgrade to 8.1 Pro my computer lost the ability to sleep/hibernate. After following many tips on here (thanks guys), I managed to get sleep & hibernation onto the shutdown menu so manual operatin works okay. The automatic mode is...