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  1. DaddyG

    How do you want to open this file popup

    Hi there It appears to want to open a link to a website and is asking which browser you want to use. By the wording in the popup it seems Firefox is the current browser of choice. What happens when you click .. 'Keep using Firefox' ? Does a website open up. That might give you more clues about...
  2. DaddyG

    App Can't Run on Your PC

    Hi there Note: I'm running 8.1 in a virtual machine and using PSP X. I had trouble finding a copy of Eye Candy 3.1 to install although Eye Candy 4000 installed no problem. Eventually came across Eye Candy 3.1 here .. Filtres pour paint shop pro et Photoshop Downloaded the zip file and extracted...
  3. DaddyG

    App Can't Run on Your PC

    Hi there What are these particular plugins that won't install ? I may be able to try them out on my machine to see if the problem applies to Win 8.1 in general or just your setup.
  4. DaddyG

    Solved VirtualBox error

    Hi there These errors you're experiencing are no doubt caused by the security 'hardening' introduced to VirtualBox. This is causing a lot of concern to users of the software whose VM's are now 'broken'. You can follow the progress towards a solution at the VirtualBox forums, specifically this...
  5. DaddyG

    Solved How to search multiple files for words

    What about NirSoft's SearchMyFiles which is FREE and PORTABLE. Costs nothing to try it.
  6. DaddyG

    Can't Use My Own Pictures

    Might be clutching at straws here, but ... None of the pictures displayed are showing a file type extension, which makes it hard to know what they really are. Are you sure you're trying to upload jpeg's and not psp or pspimage files (which would not be supported) ? I say that because the 7...
  7. DaddyG

    Pictures are Blank

    It sounds like a file association problem. Blank icons suggest they're not associated with anything. When you right click and save a file from a web page, what type of file are you saving it as ? In most cases it would be a jpg or jpeg file type. Go to where you set your default file...
  8. DaddyG

    All icons changed to Rectangular . how to fixed it

    I don't know how to link you to the original thread but this was posted by MrShowdown on 5th Feb 2013 ... It was the answer to fixing a font problem that caused symbols like yours to appear. Might not be the same thing but worth a try anyway. "Download the attachment i posted, extract it...
  9. DaddyG

    Solved Getting rid of full screen in PSP 7

    Hi Barbee Have just downloaded PSP 7 and installed it on my Win 8.1 Virtual Machine. Went into Full Screen Edit and you're right, there's no obvious way out of it. Found this Help page where it says to go ... 'Shift .. A'. Paint Shop Pro 7 - Viewing Worked for me on my machine. In fact with...
  10. DaddyG

    Unable to create hosts file - multitudes of access denies

    Hi What would happen if you installed a simple Hosts Editor ? Maybe you could get access that way. Here are a couple ... Hosts File Editor - Amazify BlueLifeHosts editor I use the one at the top but the bottom one has far more functions and features. DaddyG
  11. DaddyG

    Safe Download Site?

    Hi there Many sites try to trick you by offering a number of download buttons to choose from. Most of those buttons contain an unwanted add on, whereas only one will be OK. I tend to move on to another site rather than make a wrong choice.
  12. DaddyG

    Anyone care to be my hero? Context Menu woes!

    See if this website has the answer to your problem .... Context Menu Editors: Add, Remove, Edit Windows Context Menu items
  13. DaddyG

    VBOX 4.3 Error

    There's been big problems with VirtualBox's latest build (v4.3.14) which may be what you've struck. I reverted back to the previous build (v4.3.12) and it runs perfectly. Go here to download it ... Don't update from that build though...
  14. DaddyG

    What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?

    100% Desktop. Have no interest in Metro.
  15. DaddyG

    Solved The first of many times

    What happens when you hold down the CTRL key and use the + or - keys on your number pad (or keyboard). Or alternatively, hold down the CTRL key and 'roll' the middle button on your mouse. Works for me (on Win 7 at least). I had no problem in being able to increase the font size for easy reading...
  16. DaddyG

    Solved The first of many times

    Try this .. Go here .. Reading size .. Compose size ..
  17. DaddyG

    How can I hide programs from other users.

    Hi Would this be suitable ? WinMend Folder Hidden - Safely and quickly hide files and folders. It's free and is very good. Just don't lose your password !!!!
  18. DaddyG

    Using a copy of Mail files

    I read somewhere that this works ... On your old computer did you save the C: Users, Username, App Data, Local, Microsoft, Windows, Windows Live Mail folder ? If so, you could try substituting the new WLM created folder on your new laptop with the saved one. Then it should be just a case of...
  19. DaddyG

    how to prefix a zero in WORKS spreadsheet

    I googled and got this .. does it help ? Add/ insert leading zeros to numbers and text with Concatenate functionIf you want to insert specific digit of leading zeros into each number, for example three leading zeros for each number, you should try the Concatenate function. Step 1: Enter the...
  20. DaddyG

    Microsoft ends support for custom domains in free email...

    Square plates in restaurants. Maybe they're following the lead of some other restaurants who introduced square bottomed glasses. This was done to stop 'rings' being left on their table tops. LOL