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  1. my2cents

    Tonight Show - Vote For a Replacement Or Keep Jimmy Fallon

    Personally, I have already had enough of Jimmy Fallon. Can we get Leno back or give someone else a shot?
  2. my2cents

    Solved SFC or DISM - Which to Run First?

    Since I have seen "both" recommended as a first step, and since the correct sequence is not defined anywhere that I can find, here's my take on this subject: Run sfc /scannow (first) This will attempt to fix any corruption from the resident component store (Note: internet access is not...
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    Solved Warning: Avast 2014 Causing Boot and Power Mgmt Issues

    See here: and here: my2cents
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    Congrats to David Bailey On His Second Gold Pip!

    Hi David, Congratulations on your second Gold Pip in addition to your recent induction into the Gold Member Club! Way to go friend! my2cents
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    Solved Possible Macrium Issue?

    Hello all, FYI, I am now getting an Event ID 513 log every time I create a System Image backup using Macrium Reflect Free; however, it doesn't seem to affect the restoral because everything seems just fine after same. Since I have never noticed these logs when running Win 8.0, I'm wondering if...
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    Solved Latest Win 8.1 ISO "Breaks" System Image Functionality

    Hello all, Brink and I have both confirmed that the latest GA of the Windows 8.1 ISO breaks the System Image functionality. This was confirmed by both of us by doing a clean install and immediately attempting to do a System Image backup. Here is the failure you will receive: The root cause...
  7. my2cents

    8.1 Issue - CPU Throttle Parameters Changed?

    Hi all, Just an FYI on this possible issue: My CPU: Intel G2020 2.9 GHz dual core: Running 8.0, CPU would throttle down to 1/2 speed or so (1.57GHz) during low activity periods. Running 8.1, CPU now only throttles down to the about 2.73GHz or so during low activity periods. That spike was...
  8. my2cents

    Solved Option to Select Specific Time Zone During Installation?

    Hey all, I have done several Win 8, Win 8.1 Preview, and Win 8 RTM clean installs recently and I always seem to end up with a Pacific Time Zone by default. Now, that tells me I am either missing that option on a consistent basis or MS didn't include it. Just curious to see if anyone else can...
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    Solved This One Tickled My Innards!
  10. my2cents

    Solved Flash Update Killed My Youtube Audio on 2 Different PCs

    Just an FYI on Adobe Flash version 11.8.800.168. I was prompted to install the update, I accepted, and then no sound on any YouTube videos thereafter. So, I though that was strange and I found that Vimeo and Daily Motion both worked OK. All PC sounds worked OK as well. Did the same as above on...
  11. my2cents

    Impending Window 8.1 Upgrade - Benefits?

    Hello all, I've been on vacation so I've missed a lot of 8.1 news (I guess). Anyway, as a non-apps person, I don't see any immediate benefit to arbitrarily rush into this upgrade for the following reasons: 1. I've already got the boot directly to desktop and start button covered via Start8. 2...
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    Solved Avast 8.0.1497 Now Compatible With Windows 8.1

    If you decide to try this on your 8.1 computer, please be advised of the following: On boot, you may receive a warning indicating that Avast 8.0.1497 is not compatible with Win 8. The Avast response to this issue is: The temporary solution is to check the "don't show this notice again" box when...