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  1. hdmi

    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    It's Friday morning over here, and there's still no word out from MS on Windows Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224 (both released on Patch Tuesday). According to Windows Updates vom 15.3.2016 | Borns...
  2. hdmi

    Solved Copy file to Windows Phone, disable autoconversion dialog?

    When I use Explorer on Windows 8.1 to copy multiple FLAC files to a folder on the SD card of my Nokia Lumia 625 (running on Windows Phone 8.1) via USB, a dialog window pops up in Explorer, asking me to choose between converting and just copying. If I choose to just copy, a progress bar appears...
  3. hdmi

    Solved Internet Explorer 11 breaks kerning

    Letter-spacing, or "kerning", is botched in IE 11 so that reading text on webpages becomes a nightmare.
  4. hdmi

    Disk Management: how to bring a disk offline?

    Is it still possible to bring a disk offline using Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) in Windows 8 the same way it was possible in Windows 7 or is using Diskpart.exe the only way?
  5. hdmi

    Solved Error 0x80070035 - The network path was not found.

    I have been trying to solve this for hours on end, without success. I can share a folder via HomeGroup on my Windows 8 Professional x64 laptop and I am able to access the folder on my Windows 7 x86 Starter netbook, but not the other way round, meaning I get the same errorcode 0x80070035 each...