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  1. SmartEyeball

    Anyone still running Vanilla 8?

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many people have not updated to 8.1? And if not, why? My laptop is running 8.1, yet due to OS instability caused by sound card drivers with 8.1 (and no 8.1 driver update available) my Desktop is still only vanilla 8. However since I have several...
  2. SmartEyeball

    Window Blinds Beta + Firefox issue

    I'm running the trial for Windows Blinds and while it looks good, I've noticed Firefox fails to start. All other browsers, including waterfox - work well. Anyone else using Windows Blinds and have any issues? I've noticed the app tends to crash itself as bit as well.
  3. SmartEyeball

    Re-boot into Seven directly from 8?

    At the moment, the restarting - selecting Seven from boot menu, restart again is a huge PITA. Anyone know of a Win8 based way of Restart directly into seven, essentially skipping the double restart. I prefer the old method of select - boot. Not select - restart, boot.
  4. SmartEyeball

    Service Pack sized updates..

    What is with all these large mb downloads? In the past, these sizes could almost be considered service packs...
  5. SmartEyeball

    Metro Store - needs a search feature

    Since this thing is being foisted upon us, it really needs a 'search' feature. It's worse than trying to find a 'gadget' for Vista/Seven.
  6. SmartEyeball

    Lock screen monitor standby timeout option?

    Does anyone have an idea where the hell the timer for the lock screen monitor standby option is? It's not a universal setting under the power options/Turn off display which is set to 30 mins. When at the lock screen the monitor goes into standby in a minute. I want it to match the 30 min...
  7. SmartEyeball

    Anyone ran the winsat me in 8 yet?

    Gotta be a glitch :shock:
  8. SmartEyeball

    Solved Can only enter 12 keys for wireless?

    Just installed the dev on my laptop, went to connect wirelessly. I can see my router - but for the life of me I can't see how to enter my full 64 char key? It only lets me input 12 so I can't log on :huh: What obvious thing am I missing here?
  9. SmartEyeball

    Who's seen the new BSOD screen?

    Just had my first BSOD when restarting (caused by attached external drive I think). It's pretty damn low res. Looked very blurry :(
  10. SmartEyeball

    Glitch in the WEI?

    Anyone ran a Winsat mem? Mines apparently gained 10k or so
  11. SmartEyeball

    Random Paradoxes

    Simple really. Observe, think and then come up with a paradox :) Agree/Disagree, state why; but make sure you leave your own paradox. eg. Does a collective of like-minded nonconformists make them conformists? (*Modern usage of conformity, not original religious dissents.)