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    Solved My PC is at a PC shop and I have an 8.1 question

    I would like to but my net connection is too slow and unreliable to download 3GB+ update files. You might be interested to read beta testers opinion about 10. Please have a look at our sister site Windows 10 News - Windows 10 Forums
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    Solved My PC is at a PC shop and I have an 8.1 question

    Hi I would say to not install 8.1 at this time as "Windows 10" is due for release on July 29 and it's a free update to all existing 7 and 8 users. Here's how Windows 10 upgrade paths will work | PCWorld Why to pay for 8.1 when you can get "Windows 10 Home" for free ?.
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    Dual boot Windows 8.1 and OS X Yosemite or Mavericks?

    Hi Yes, Macs are very expensive and that's one of the reason Apple is nothing outside USA - or at least in Asian countries. I know a few videographers here who bought Mac for the sole purpose of running "Final Cut" which doesn't have a Windows version. You may be able to install Mac in to a...
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    Genuine Windows and Windows 10

    You can buy a laptop with either "Ubuntu" or "FreeDOS" in my country. Those laptops costs around 2000 INR less than those came with "Windows" pre-installed. Usually those who buy Ubuntu laptops will wipe it and install pirated versions of Windows instead.
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    Solved Upgrade Windows 8.1 Core to Pro, without reinstall?

    Hi You can buy "Pro pack" which will upgrade "Core" edition to "Pro". Buy Windows 8.1 Pro Pack - Microsoft Store Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack (Win 8.1 to Win 8.1 Pro Upgrade) - Key Card Here is how to : Add features - Microsoft Windows
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    OEM re-install question.

    Thanks. I never knew that "ShowKey" can also identify the OEM edition. That's what exactly i am looking for :). I hope MS will limit Win 10 to "Professional" and "Enterprise" editions only - or at least no more "with Bing" editions which can't be clean installed.
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    OEM re-install question.

    @KYHI Pulling the key is not an issue. I can install a trial version of "Windows 8" or boot from a PE and retrieve the BIOS embedded key. Then what we do with that key without knowing which edition was installed on that machine ?. Currently what i do is trying different editions of Windows one...
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    OEM re-install question.

    Hi I work as a PC tech and sometimes i may need to re-install Windows on laptops which has it's hard drive failed. In case of Windows 7, it's a fairly easy process. You just have to look in to the COA sticker, install the same edition and then use phone activation. "Windows 8" made the process...
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    Solved windows oem reinstall

    Actually not. OEM license is bound to motherboard and that's why Windows deactivated itself when it detected that the motherboard is changed. At this point automatic internet activation won't work and you will get an option to use phone activation ( as you received ). Sometimes the phone...
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    Windows PE 5.x boot problem

    Instead of giving a vague description "it dsoen't work" , why don't you just explain what happens when you try to boot from the PE ?. - What media you are using ? ( CD/USB ). If it is USB, how it is prepared ?. - What kind of error you are getting - stuck at boot/blinking cursor/blue screen ?.
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    Dual boot Linux from VHD?

    VHD booting through boot manager is a Windows native feature and Linux doesn't support it. Not all "Windows 7" version supports this feature. Source : ( Article is written before the release of Win8 ) If you try to boot other...
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    Dual boot Linux from VHD?

    Hi Almost all newer Linux ditros supports UEFI and SecureBoot. Simply shrink the OS partition via "Disk Management" and install Linux to the newly created empty space. I would recommend Linux Mint which is an upgrade of Ubuntu. Main Page - Linux Mint
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    Solved Need help with STARTUP ERRORS in REGISTRY in Windows 8.1!

    Although Puppy is small, i personally found it not working on all systems when compared to Mint. Also Puppy is not "SecureBoot" compatible but Mint is fully compatible. Since Mint includes proprietary hardware drivers, it has better chance to boot on wide range of Laptops ( i have seen latest...
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    Solved Need help with STARTUP ERRORS in REGISTRY in Windows 8.1!

    Hi System32\Config\System is a registry hive file which can't be fixed by running SFC or DISM. Usually there will be a backup copy of hive files which will be located on System32\Config\Regback folder. I would recommend to try restoring the hive files from that folder by following Startup...
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    Sapphire R9 270X 4 GB DDR5 vs Asus R9 270X 2 GB DDR5

    I would recommend buying the 4 GB one. Modern games are badly optimized and consumes VRAM like a hungry beggar. One particular example is recently launched "GTA 5". Even 4 GB VRAM is not enough for that ( if you push it to the limits ).
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    IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) and ExpressCache

    Hi The following links may help you ; Install Windows on System with MSATA and ISRT - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Solved Integrating Drivers into Windows 8.1 Installation CD

    Hi Yes, it is possible. You can integrate LAN driver to the Windows install image by using the command line tool DISM. If you never used it before, i would recommend reading the official documentation Here is how you you should add...
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    Solved Recovery partition present but Windows can't find/use it

    Yes, sadly that is true. Currently there is no legit way to obtain a copy of "Windows 8.1 with Bing" ( a leaked version is available on net ).
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    Solved Recovery partition present but Windows can't find/use it

    Why ?. As long as you install the correct edition, it should accept the key and activate. Install media created with MS official "Media Creation" tool doesn't even require inputting the key manually. It will auto detect the BIOS OEM key during setup if one is present.