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    Word Association [10]

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    Keep One Change One [12]

    sky high
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    Last Letter Game [14]

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    32gb hp flash drive it show 4mb

    Solution to your problem here USB Pen Drive 16GB Shows 4MB, How to Solve? Warning! Diskpart is a very powerful tool. You need to be 1000% sure that you select the right disk because if you delete the partition on the wrong disk you might delete the Microsoft Windows partition or another...
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    Solved HP Printer Problem Ink Cartridge Carriage Stalled

    I don't have Adobe Reader on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit desktop. I haven't installed Adobe After Effects and Adobe Creative Cloud.( I just don't know what those are and what those do :)) Still I get "Carriage Stalled " message as in the first post here, when I give the print command on my HP...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    13 Nov 2017 this was the one I posted. May be that was my last visit
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Don't remember when I logged in here last. Things seem to have changed a lot. Just trying my reentry :)
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]
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    Solved Mysterious new 'Local Disk (F)' appears after reinstall

    Good to know that. We are now better prepared to deal with similar problems that may be reported. Thanks for sharing that info. The lesson: After installing Windows from the CD/DVD media, remember to remove the CD/DVD and pack it back safely. :)
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]
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    Solved How to wipe MBR on infected hard drive

    I don't know for I had never used Parted Magic. I always zerowipe my 500GB trial drive (on which I do my experiments) with the HDD Guru Low Level Format Tool. Since that takes almost 8 hours on my old rickety slow PC, I leave it running overnight. I gave you the bootice just to check all...
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    Solved How to wipe MBR on infected hard drive

    If you are very inquisitive, you can download bootice from 【BOOTICE v1.3.3.2: 功能强大的启动维护工具】-子逸轩 and examine sector 0 ( download x86 version if your system is 32bit and x64 if your system is 64 bit) Bootice explained in my post #7 here: Lost partitions! Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums You can...
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    Solved How to wipe MBR on infected hard drive

    The safest method to clean wipe your HDD including Sector 0 where the MBR and partition table reside is to do a low level format using HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool which has a graphical User Interface. It will show your system drive and all other Internal/external drives connected and you can...
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    Solved Hard Drive not being found!

    From what I would decipher, the boot sector of your original HDD had got corrupted. The same corrupt boot sector has been cloned to the new drive. Check whether this helps to repair the boot sector. ( Incidentally you can also copy important files - backup) Fix Boot Error 0xC000000E...
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    New Local Disk (Z:) appeared?

    For further updates see here Mysterious drive Z: appears! - Windows 10 Forums
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    New Local Disk (Z:) appeared?

    It is by now almost established that HP Support Assistant is responsible for the creation of this mysterious Local drive Z:. On my new HP laptop running Windows 10 64bit , which I am still setting up - I have just completed all updates including the Anniversary Update. I had created a manual...
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]