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    HDDs not seen after resume from sleep - W8.1

    Over the last week or so my system does not find the 3 spinner HDDs on resuming from sleep. My searching has not found a description of a similar issue. My system has 2 SSDs, (both single partition, the Intel 520 has w8.1 and all apps, the other SSD has W10TP) 3 HDDs, and 2 optical drives. On...
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    A separate sub-forum for W8.1 ?

    A question for the moderators Is it possible to move (or duplicate in) all posts regarding Windows 8.1 Preview in a sub-forum, or a new forum?
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    Deleted network printer showing in Word 2013 print dialog

    Running W8 Pro, with all applicable updates, and Office 2013 Pro. I have had to (twice) delete a network printer that has somehow been allocated an incorrect IP. Then re-install it. While the deleted printer does not appear in "Devices and Printers", two instances do in the Word 2013 print...
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    Mobile Device Center

    I have an old HTC S523 phone running Widows Mobile 6.5. This syncs OK on W7, but throws up an error in Exchange ActiveSync when I try to sync from W8 Pro (RTM). The Mobile Device Center software loaded and ran when I connected the phone, and it allows me to set up the connection, and to browse...
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    Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer

    W8 Release Preview 64 bit found my USB connected Canon Pixma iP5000 printer, but didn't install a driver. WU says there is an update available, but that will not install. Error is WindowsUpdate_80070BC8, which doesn't help much. I haven't been able to find a 64 bit driver on any of the Canon...