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    Is Windows Defender for Windows 8 enough ??

    I haven't used anything but Windows Defender and previously MSE (windows 7) and I have never had any issues. No setup is fool proof. Literally unfortunately. And too much protection can tax your hardware/software. Thus, the #1 AV and anti-malware protection is Common Sense. Your AV/Firewall is...
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    Are computers outdating themselves in the long run?

    I remember having this conversation with my uncle back in 1983 as we were soldering 256k dimm in to our TSR-80 so I could use the 64k dimm in my TI-994a. ^^
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    New laptop can't run games properly.

    Make sure you're doing a "clean install" of the drivers and not just upgrading them. I'm not sure how to pull that off with your card specifically as I'm an nVidia guy.. But it's an option during the driver installation for nVidia cards.
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    Favorite password manager?

    I currently use eWallet as I use it on iOS and Windows. However, I'm considering getting back in to Roboform as I used it religiously in 2000-2006. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
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    What was the last film you watched ?

    We watched the new Evil Dead remake. It was alright.. But certainly didn't live up to the hype. I do like the twist in the end that disengaged it from the original unexpectedly.
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    Right Side Toolbar

    I second this suggestion. Start8 and ModernMix are two Stardock apps that I have installed. I can skip the Metro UI but still run Metro apps windowed on the Desktop.
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    PRISM /Tempora & securing my information online ?

    I don't think people understand what metadata is. Think of it as collecting nets full of shrimp and just weighing them for value vs catching one shrimp at a time and counting heads. People worry needlessly about the slippery slope before they even start climbing the hill.
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    Solved How to find out if...

    Depends on the virus, but your OS X partition will be fine as long as you don't get a virus that requires you nuke the whole drive. Bootcamp with Windows is the only way Macs get viruses as there are currently no OS X viruses in the wild.
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    Will Windows 8.1 kick Windows 8 'Modern' developers to...

    Agree 100%. In theory the metro UI was clever in order to create a cross platform bio system like the Apple devices. However, somebody didn't take in to account that the desktops/UI don't have to be identical in order for contacts, app data, calendars, email and files to sync. Unfortunately...
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    remote controlling windows 8 laptop

    So Free or Easy? The two usually don't go hand in hand. PocketCloud handles non-RDP connections. It's just more difficult to set up. You stated in your OP that you wanted both easy and free.
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    The Windows 8.1 Start Button Is a Sign of Defeat for MSFT

    But nobody is really worried about the "Start Menu". They want the Desktop. Eg. explorer.exe. I know, it is semantics. But it is still irritating.
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    remote controlling windows 8 laptop

    I use PocketCloud for iOS on both my iPhone and iPad. I am unsure if there is an Android version. The limitation would be that you will not be able to use RDP with the standard version of Windows. But the only real advantage of this is that it is easier to setup and doesn't require a 3rd party...
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    windows deleted all items in picture library on harddrive

    Are you syncing a smartphone with your computer via a USB cable? Depending on the device/OS, the device picture library overrides the computer directory. So, if your phone doesn't have any pictures on it at the time it is synced, it will merge the two libraries by deleting the photos on your...
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    Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8.1

    I disagree that the issue is with the Start Button or even the Start Menu. I think people associate the Desktop with the Start Button and that is what they are unhappy with. They want their Desktop back and they want it when they boot Windows. E.g. Avoiding Metro UI all together. However...
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    Stop sharing programs between users on same PC

    Typically, during the installation of any program developed in the past 3-5 years, there should be an option prompting you if you want the program available to all users on the computer. This is not usually the case with games and such, but something to be mindful of while installing something...
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    The world is not flat: Apple unveils 'fresh, light' iOS 7

    I'm looking forward to many of the new changes in iOS 7. Specifically the Control Center and updated Calendar view. While I use a Windows PC as my primary computer, I am still invested in the Apple ecosystem with iCloud and iTunes Match. Until Microsoft can offer the same seamless ecosystem, I...
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    Windows XP diehards: Can you survive April 2014 deadline?

    From a consumer or small business perspective, There are only two reasonable excuses for not abandoning XP yet.. Legacy hardware or legacy software. This scenario exists in the Mac OS world as well with people who rely on software that won't run on the newer versions of OS X or their antiquated...
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Which browser? I upgraded and haven't experienced the same problem with Firefox.
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    what media player should I to use with Windows 8?

    Since I have both Macs and PCs in the house, I use iTunes with the iTunes Match service. There are dozens of media players/organizers out there. Sort of like asking which beer or soda is the best.
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    It's officially CONFIRMED?Default boot directly to desktop

    Spend $10 over at Stardock and be done with the whole boot to desktop and start button issue. I'd wager majority of Wiindows users didn't purchase Windows 8 as an independent purchase but rather received it pre-installed on their PC. Spend the 10 bucks.. You got the OS for free after all. In...