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    Desktop apps on Windows RT devices-maybe

    I tried to find out if desktop apps(beyond the included ones) would be allowed on Windows RT devices. The response from an MS employee was: The post never directly refers to desktop development, and never states that WinRT apps will be the only way to develop on ARM devices. Hopefully that...
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    Uncontestable proof that "Metro" is touch only

    No right click context menu. We can now quit arguing that "Metro" works well on desktops too, or mentioning its merits. Metro is touch only, sucks with the mouse, and metro style apps will never be as good as desktop ones (for mouse). Yes, using Metro with mouse is possible, but it's clearly...
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    I downloaded it to see what it would be like, and it was just awful. The legacy of a great game since windows 3.1 has ended, and has been replaced by some piece of crap with achievements, challenges, and goofy graphics. Things are looking worse and worse for the future of computing...
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    Win32 is the true Windows 8 (for now...)

    People are saying that Desktop is an "app" and that metro/WinRT IS windows. That's not quite true(yet). ATM, Metro/RT is just an overlay that runs in the explorer shell. Reasons: Metro/RT is part of the explorer shell. Kill the explorer shell, and your system is metro-free. Shell...
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    Windows 8 WORST on TABLET

    Everyone says Win8 is supposed to be great on tablets. It's not. It's actually significantly worse than windows 7. Issues: Two finger right click removed-In 7, right clicking on a touchscreen was an instant two finger tap. Now it's a 2- second hold. Touch flicks removed-Actually useful...
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    Enable Desktop Gadgets in RTM

    I have figured out how to make the desktop gadgets (mostly) work in windows 8. I will post a guide soon. Guide here: Enable Desktop Gadgets in RTM - xda-developers
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    "Official" post your RTM screenshots here!

    After I switched from xp, I never wanted to see gray again. I have been disappointed.
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    RTM is ugly as heck

    Just installed the leaked RTM. No aero glass. Inactive windows are gray. Taskbar is transparent, but there is no blur. I can post screens later, but it's much worse than the RP. If any other people here are interested in helping me fix this, and have some skillz, we should try to work this...
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    So I gave my mom windows 8

    After 5 minutes she was like: I can't view my photos! Internet explorer doesn't work right. I found her flailing around senselessly in the metro interface. I uninstalled all of the metro apps(and made a youtube guide below, and there hasn't been a single issue since...
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    Why metro is great, and why I won't use it at all

    Why it's great: People are too stupid to manage their windows. I know I am overwhelmed when I have too many windows open, and I'm definitely better at using computers than most people. I know you don't want to admit it, but YOU cannot handle having many windows open either. Window chrome...