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    starting the alarms

    i know how to set the alarm, but i don't know how to get it started. does any body know how to get the alarm to set to go off at the time needed?
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    flight sims for 8.1

    looking for WWII flight sims that work in windows 8.1. most i can find are no further that XP, or VISTA, or 7.
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    something wrong with updates

    every 2-3 days this think will try to update something that don't want to work. it will say it's updating, then was unable to update and is removing changes. it will even try to update when i turn the pc on but am not online. don't know what the problem is.
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    not sure where to put this at. it is about HDMI

    i was wandering if it was safe to plug in a DVD player into the back of my PC using HDMI cables.
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    Solved Message that says there has been a problem and the pc need to shut down/or restart

    for the last few hours I keep having the computer put a message on the screen that says there has been a problem and the pc need to shut down/or restart but it will restart the pc for me. the first time the pc just shut down with no warning. any body got any ideas what this could be.
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    windows scanner?

    yea, it keeps popping up on my screen a couple times a day and the only way to clear the screen is to restart the pc. but, does anybody know what this "windows scanner" is? is it a real windows update or just another bug?
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    Solved infection warning

    I just got some kind some kind of infection warning and was told to download and install something called reimage repair, how to fix problems with windows 8.1 Step 1: Download the PC repair tool Step 2: Install and launch the...
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    Solved missing software. but still there.

    what I mean is this. the software to run the DVD player on my 8.1 PC is missing. I used the PC to get updates for a small DVD player I use on my XP computer because that PC is not set up to be used on line, just play games. but now the other software for the DVD in the 8.1 PC is gone. what I...
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    Solved wordpad

    anybody know how to set up the spell check (editing) on this thing. it would sure help. thank you for your time
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    Solved something popping up saying softwear bad and will delete itself

    did it once yesterday and again 10 minutes ago. it says the 8.1 software is corrupt and all files will delete in 30 seconds. and then the clock counts backward. and when to get rid of it I get another screen pop up asking if I want to close the page, but it will not allow it. in fact the only...
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    Solved java update

    can anybody tell me what java is for and is it important? I have windows 8.1
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    Solved got download information on my screen but never seen the "from" site before

    it said it came from: D3KZ2AVBUUPQRF.NET it said it was an upgrade to windows something, and Microsoft was all over this thing and the screen. is this a valid site of fake? I did not download put had to click on "no" to clear the screen so I could write this
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    Solved malicious java scripts

    almost every day my Norton catches and stops this thing. I think it's a malicious update of some kind. is anybody else having this problem? and is there something more I can do about it other than Norton antivirus?
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    Solved virtual box software question.

    if I use this free install of virtual box to run XP as a virtual PC, will this virtual PC play my XP games? and will this work on a non-virtual 8.1 PC at the same time? I have several games that will never be upgraded to play on an OS after XP, hence the reason for the need for the XP.
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    Solved changing os from windows 10

    I am soon going to buy 2 new PCs. but since all new PCs are windows10, and I don't 10, to have the windows 10 completely removed and then have windows 8.1 installed, or will I need to install a new hard drive first? and i'm also going to get a new PC and have windows 10 removed and have XP...
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    Solved trouble with email.

    I need to send a file to someone by email, but when I try to do so I get this message: there no email program associated to perform the requested action. install an email program, or if one is already installed create an association in the default programs control panel. does anybody know...
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    Solved screenshots

    i've ask this before, about 3 years ago. maybe longer, but been so long I forgot how to use it. typing up messages on word pad I think it is, then get a copy using the screen shot, which I can use on my PC calendar. (no printing required)
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    Solved themes

    i'm guessing what i'm asking about is themes. but it is a form of customization. ok, the calendar that came with windows 8.1 is not good enough as I need to set things up sometimes to with in a few minutes of each other, and I need to have a way to get my attention to the things I put down on...
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    Solved good evening all. looking for human help with

    amazon. got a DVD but it has disappeared so cant download it. can't find it, but got purchase recite in my email. if anybody knows how to find how to find a living, breathing, human being I would very great full. and thank you for your time.
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    Solved password help...

    ok, I want to do things like make videos with my webcam, upload new photos to the PC and get rid of old ones, do research using books downloaded from the internet, print some of these books while saving all of them to a USB hard drive, and so on. all of this that should not require me to log...