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    Solved Screen Flicker in Windows Metro view Intel GMA 500 graphics controller

    I'm not experiencing flicker in Metro (I'm running a Dell Mini 12 with a 1.6 GHz Atom, 1 GB ram, and Intel GMA 500 graphics), but it is definitely jerkier when scrolling. The more sophisticated window animations--fade in and out of the desktop, the fade-out effect when a window closes--are...
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    Solved Intel GMA 500 Drivers for 8?

    I have resolved this--this is probably super-obvious to most of you, but if anyone else is using Intel drivers and having trouble: make sure you get an Intel driver from Intel, not a 3rd-party site, and install via the control panel window for Screen Resolution, not via the SETUP.exe file Intel...
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    Solved Intel GMA 500 Drivers for 8?

    I'm attempting to run 8 (32 bit) on a Dell Mini 12, which purportedly has GMA 500 integrated graphics. The display is 1280 X 800, but it's running a fuzzy, horizontally-stretched 1024 X 768, and offers no other resolution options, on the Microsoft display driver. When I download the GMA 500...