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    Solved Searching Windows Store

    I understand that the Windows 8 Store has thousands of applications that are not listed as "top" applications. However, I can find no Search feature. How do you search the Windows 8 Store?
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    Deleting McAfee

    Folks, if that blasted MacAfee can fight viruses as well as it fights Windows Defender, it is one great program. My new Windows 8 Spanish laptop had MacAfee installed, and even people who read Spanish couldn´t understand what it was saying. I have a subscription, but no one can find out how long...
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    Language Problem

    As a devoted, red-blooded American lover of Windows 8, I bought a Mexican laptop today with Windows 8, figuring that I would convert it to English. But it says that this is "Windows 8 Single Language Edition." While it works great, I want to convert it to English. I went through the Charms bar...
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    Titan Quest

    I first played this fantastic game on my single-core, 32-bit, 1 gig of RAM, Windows XP machine, and I loved it. After being away for a year, I loaded it with no problem onto my dual-core, 64-bit, 4 gigs of RAM Windows 8 machine and it plays well. But my computer tells me that the sequel...
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    Cannot Access My Contacts

    After being forced to switch to Outlook Express, I am no longer able to get to my Contacts. Somewhere, it said that I need to go to my "Settings," but I cannot locate any way to get into it. Can somebody help me? Thank you.
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    Transferring "Photos" to thumb drive

    I have several albums created in Photos. I have deleted these pictures from my camera and from my desktop. Is there a way to transfer the pictures to a thumb drive for transfer to another computer?
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    Change Photos Background

    All right! A pair of geniuses showed me how to change the Start Page background. About a month ago, I pasted a picture on my Photos background (Commander Riker is standing there with a horrified look, explaining "It all started with Windows 8!" But the picture is blurry, and I can't figure out...
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    Solved Changing background on start page

    I just saw a Windows 8 laptop with a great background on the Start Page. But I cannot figure out, or find out, how to do it. Anyone know?
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    "Bright Young Lad" Award

    Today's Bright Young Lad Award goes to me. I had to set up my beloved Windows 8 so that I could turn it off. After months of use, I noticed today that the top right corner of my keyboard has three buttons: "Power," "Sleep," and "Wake." Most keyboards do not have these three buttons.
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    Folks, I'm reading about Pokki for the first time, which has about half a million free downloads. Does it take over your GUI? The screen shots seem to indicate that it does.
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    Solved Changing my profile

    I am unable to change my profile to state that I now use Windows 8 instead of Windows 7 as my primary operating system.
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    Is it legal to upgrade to Win 8 Pro from the Free Preview Edition?

    I upgraded my Free Preview Edition to Windows 8 Pro with no problems and it runs great. Of the two options it gave me, I chose "Clean Install." The Upgrade Assistant scanned my computer and said that I was allowed to upgrade. The following sources also say that it is legal: Computerworld...
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    Toolbox won't work

    Toolbox is a free ap that lets you create a desktop with six "work" tiles. I set up the six tiles of my choice, but when I click Toolbox, it only offers to let me choose again. Can someone figure out what I'm doing wrong?
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    Thank Heaven, the God Mode Still Works in 8 Pro

    Control Panel All Tasks List Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums It will turn into a super Control Panel with a variety of functions organized by group. You can rename it if you think it is blasphemous.
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    Installing Windows 8 Pro

    Folks, I upgraded three days ago with no problems. 1) MS asks your permission to install a FREE, no-obligation program that determines if you CAN upgrade to 8 Pro, and it even tells you which programs are incompatible. 2) I'm going to settle this question once and for all. I upgraded from the...
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    How to use the Start Page the Dummy way

    The free e-book "Windows 8 for Dummies" explains how to use the Start Page, and, uhm, it works pretty well. First, I am using the word "press" for click, touch, or use your keyboard. 1) Whenever you install any program, a shortcut appears on the Start Page. Don't delete it. 2) If you click...
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    There IS a Start Menu!!!!!

    Right-click any blank spot on the Start Screen, and "All Aps" pops up in the lower right corner. There's your Start Menu.
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    I just installed Wndows 8 Pro, and...

    1) Yes, I installed it on top of the Windows 8 free Preview Edition, and it works fine. You do not need to install it on top of XP, Vista, or 7. 2) I easily installed a Start button on the classic desktop. Reports that MS would make that impossible are not true. 3) No gadgets! And it won't let...
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    No gadgets?

    I just successfully installed Windows 8 Pro! And then it tells me that it doesn't run gadgets?
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    $500 to upgrade

    I have tried to install WIndows 8 Pro upgrade for $39.99 onto my legal copy of Windows 7. The price is over $500, even though I checked the upgrade box. Can somebody help me?