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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview randomly freezes

    Infmachine, Old Buddy, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I can solve your problem. The bad news is that your problem is unsovable. The drivers on a laptop are far more specific than on a desktop. It is rarely a good idea to upgrade one Windows Operating System to another on a...
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    Language Packs not installing

    Make sure you don't have Windows 8 single Language Edition. Then go to the Charms Bar (upper right corner of your monitor) and click Settings. The very last one will be language.
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    Solved Searching Windows Store

    Hey, it works. I hadn´t known that the Search function would work inside of an ap. Thank you for your help, and I got some good free programs.
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    Solved Searching Windows Store

    I understand that the Windows 8 Store has thousands of applications that are not listed as "top" applications. However, I can find no Search feature. How do you search the Windows 8 Store?
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    Deleting McAfee

    I looked up MCPR on the web. I got two dead-end sites that asked me to rate the sites.
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    Oh, I get it! Sayitasitis, that´s a good one! You had a bunch of us going.
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    Deleting McAfee

    Folks, if that blasted MacAfee can fight viruses as well as it fights Windows Defender, it is one great program. My new Windows 8 Spanish laptop had MacAfee installed, and even people who read Spanish couldn´t understand what it was saying. I have a subscription, but no one can find out how long...
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    Language Problem

    As a devoted, red-blooded American lover of Windows 8, I bought a Mexican laptop today with Windows 8, figuring that I would convert it to English. But it says that this is "Windows 8 Single Language Edition." While it works great, I want to convert it to English. I went through the Charms bar...
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    Titan Quest

    Versal, your solution would probably work. I already have Windows 7 on another partition, and I can play Lilith on that. I was able to install a "mod" entitled "Underlord" on Windows 8 that alters the game, and I'm currently playing that.
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    Titan Quest

    I first played this fantastic game on my single-core, 32-bit, 1 gig of RAM, Windows XP machine, and I loved it. After being away for a year, I loaded it with no problem onto my dual-core, 64-bit, 4 gigs of RAM Windows 8 machine and it plays well. But my computer tells me that the sequel...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    What ho, Varlets! Of all the many Robin Hood movies and TV shows, which one has the best music? Why the opening theme to the 1955 TV show, of course! Give it a couple of seconds for the music to start. robin hood
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    The quote of the day [2]

    I'm sorry if my patriotism offends you. Your lack of a spine offends me. Gruntsville
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    Cannot Access My Contacts

    Okay, they list similar questions on the right, and I found out how to access my contacts through the "People" ap. But I cannot add people to the different groups that I have, because the different groups aren't listed.
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    Cannot Access My Contacts

    After being forced to switch to Outlook Express, I am no longer able to get to my Contacts. Somewhere, it said that I need to go to my "Settings," but I cannot locate any way to get into it. Can somebody help me? Thank you.
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    Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

    Roodap, I deleted the Windows.old folder from both the Windows 8 Preview Edition and from the Pro Edition. It did no harm to get rid of it.
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Mustang, when I open Classic Shell, it has five programs listed on top. Then it has "Programs," and that opens everything.
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    The quote of the day [2]

    What do you say when you're comforting a grammar fanatic? "There, their, they're."
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    Transferring "Photos" to thumb drive

    Thanks, but it doesn't apply here. The photos are on the Start Page, not the desktop.
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    Transferring "Photos" to thumb drive

    I have several albums created in Photos. I have deleted these pictures from my camera and from my desktop. Is there a way to transfer the pictures to a thumb drive for transfer to another computer?
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    Slurp, I consider it useful enough to keep, but it's no big deal. And you are correct: it doesn't seize control of your computer.