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    Windows Family Safety Web Filtering - How to import/export

    I have a big list of items in my Block list and Allowed list. I don't want to be doing this again on another Windows machine, or if I need reinstall Windows on my machine at one point when I need. How can I export my whitelist and blacklist, and then import it on a newly installed Windows...
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    How to disable the Windows Advanced Startup Options

    I need to disable the troublesoot section that appears when we click restart while holding down the shift button. This will allow the user to enter the troubleshoot section which has many options. I need to disable Safe Mode completely. It is absolutely ridiciolous since it allows users to...
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    How to prevent the factory reset via Alt+F10 on reboot?

    So basically I had setup GPO, content filters for a limited account on a machine that is being used by multiple users, and it turns out, by passing the content filter and even the adminstrator was as simple as doing a factor reset. All that needed to be was press Alt + F10 on reboot and the...