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  1. msdos622wasfun

    Beware the Germans

    Okay I think this is funny. Doesn't fit into the other sections because it's not actually a request for help, just a screen shot of my Task Manager. So one of the several pieces of software that I use on my Windows machine to create music is MAGIX Music Maker, and I believe they're based in...
  2. msdos622wasfun

    Persistence of new car smell?

    Hi everyone. So my mother and I decided to lease a new Dodge Journey, and I find it interesting that even though it's been a good five months now, I can still detect that new car aroma when I open the driver's door and sit down. It might not be quite as strong as it was originally, but it's...
  3. msdos622wasfun

    Canon in D -- My Christmas Music Project

    Hi everyone and Happy Holidays. This year as my Christmas music project I decided to record my own personal version of Canon in D. Here are the links to it on SoundCloud and YouTube if you'd like to listen. GarageBand Canon in D -...
  4. msdos622wasfun

    Would you buy hardware at a supermarket chain?

    Hey everyone. So a couple weeks ago I was pondering how nice it would be to purchase a wireless mouse to use with my new Mac mini (which is sitting here on my desk and shares my monitor with my gaming rig) as well as my laptop, because it got to the point where I was sick of dealing with extra...
  5. msdos622wasfun

    Really good experience at the Microsoft Store

    Hey everyone. I hate to sound all mushy and like a shill for this, but I had to go to my local Microsoft Store (Somerset Mall, Troy, Michigan) on Black Friday to exchange my Surface RT. It would no longer take a charge. But I have to say, the experience was very pleasant. I didn't have to...
  6. msdos622wasfun

    Let's play "Spot the Insect"

    Hey everyone. Can you see it? Took this with my Surface RT tablet in front of our house. I don't take pictures very much anymore, so I don't really care about doing it on a tablet instead of a camera. What do you guys think of tablet photography? Good enough? Or do they suck? :)
  7. msdos622wasfun

    Very happy with new case

    Hey everyone. Just upgraded the core components to my rig (case, MOBO, CPU, RAM), and I can't help but express my satisfaction with the Cooler Master HAF XM case I bought. Anybody else here using a HAF? Since I started building my own systems, I only owned one other case before this, so it...
  8. msdos622wasfun

    First shorts sighting

    Well, it's official. I live in Michigan and work here at a community college, and just now I saw a guy for the first time this year wear shorts. I'd say it's roughly 30 degrees (F), and we even had brief snow showers for the past couple days. Hey, to each their own! But me, I don't know ...
  9. msdos622wasfun

    Now playing: Return of the Squirrel

    Hey everyone. If you'll remember about two or three weeks ago I wrote about how we caught a squirrel in our basement. Well... ...he's baaaaaaack... This time we're pretty sure we know how he got in, because the little door that leads to the chimney was open. Mr. Squirrel had a fun time...
  10. msdos622wasfun

    Some things not syncing?

    Hey everyone. Was wondering if anybody could give me some advice here. I have three Windows 8 computers: 1. My main desktop. 2. A Lenovo laptop. 3. A Surface RT. The problem I'm having is that while 99% of the things that are supposed to sync actually ARE syncing -- like my contacts, my...
  11. msdos622wasfun

    You guys missed some fun by our house on Saturday

    Hey everyone. You guys missed some unusual excitement that occurred Saturday by our house. Not the typical thing we have to put up with on a weekend afternoon. So I go down into the basement storage room to get some toilet paper. I come back out, am about to go back upstairs, but something...
  12. msdos622wasfun

    The world's fastest PC

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a typo that I noticed in the recent issue of a pretty popular computer periodical that I subscribe to. I scanned it myself ... this is not doctored in any way. Imagine the boss cooling solution on that puppy! :D
  13. msdos622wasfun

    Bye-bye old computers

    Hey everyone. Just dropped off a couple of old PCs at a local electronics recycling event. How do you like these specs: A Panasonic Business Partner with a 20 MB hard drive and monochrome monitor (and 5.25" floppy!), and an IBM ThinkPad with an original Pentium processor in it and Windows 95...