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    Clone playback device to get different settings?

    I would like to clone my S/PDIF playback device in order to have one configured for surround sound and the other for stereo. Is this possible?
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    Solved Windows 8 to 8.1 Upgrade failed - must upgrade System BIOS

    Yesterday, I clean-installed Windows 8 Pro x86 on an old Dell Vostro 1400 laptop which had been running Windows 7 Ultimate, and it activated and ran fine, without even a single exclamation point in Device Manager. I applied the update necessary to make the Store offer 8.1 and proceeded to...
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    Must login to other PC for it to appear in Homegroup

    I have Windows 8.1 and 7 systems in a Homegroup, and I find that after rebooting the 7, I have to login before its shared folders appear in 8.1's view of the Homegroup. Until I do, I see "This PC is currently unavailable" in File Explorer. This is despite the fact the shares are available...
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    Prevent scheduled defrag from consolidating free space?

    It seems that Windows 8.1 Pro's scheduled defrag is consolidating free space, which is taking forever on one of my 2 TB data drives, which has about 300 GB free space. I stopped it at about 9%, and dfrgui immediately showed it as "OK (0% fragmented)". Clicking its Optimize button resulted in the...
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    Solved Forum question on viewing unread posts

    It's nice to be able to ignore users, but it's not so nice that: Threads they start are not ignored. Thread they bump show up in the "unread posts" view. The second one is especially onerous, because "unread posts" is my primary entry point to the site, and it is common for threads to...
  6. C, let me count the ways I hate you

    For years, if you are logged onto, Microsoft has been redirecting google search results for, Technet, MSDN, etc through 1. Sometimes it doesn't work, and it's stalls on 2. When it does work, it tends to kill the browser back button, which gets...
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    Lumia 900 Owners

    No Windows Phone 8 upgrade for you!