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  1. Morpheus

    Which Browser Do You Use?

    Maxthon Cloud browser (Maxthon 4)
  2. Morpheus

    Post your Start Screen!

    Here's mine: :D
  3. Morpheus

    How do I get the classic color scheme?

    If you choose one of the high contrast themes, you can customize the colors to be close to the classic color scheme. There is not one by default. Choose High Contrast visual style under Personalization options and choose color options. Then you can customize it...
  4. Morpheus

    Post your Start Screen!

    Wonderful! Can you share the wallpaper? Edit: I found it. :)
  5. Morpheus

    Solved Is the official non-aero theme available anywhere?

    That's what I thought, here you go: Browsing Customization on deviantART :)
  6. Morpheus

    Solved Is the official non-aero theme available anywhere?

    Do you really use Windows 8 x64 as your system specs say? Windows 8 does not have aero (if by "Aero" you mean transparent windows borders), only the taskbar is slightly transparent.
  7. Morpheus

    Dear readers: How would you change or improve Windows 8?

    Wonderful! Stunning simplicity of Office 2013... :thumb:
  8. Morpheus

    Show us your WEI

    6.7 :cool:
  9. Morpheus

    Solved Looking for a new Music Player

    AIMP3 is great, you should try it.
  10. Morpheus

    No booting straight to desktop in Windows 8, apparently

    Why do you hate Start screen so much? Desktop is just one click away. Is it so hard to move your mouse in the upper left part of the screen and click?
  11. Morpheus

    Releasing Windows 8 - August 1, 2012

    It seems that Windows 8 Enterprise has leaked on certain torrent site... didn't take long.
  12. Morpheus

    Introducing, the successor to

    Visit, log out from the previous account, and visit again. Create completely new account. That's how I did it.
  13. Morpheus

    Introducing, the successor to

    I really love it! The design is great, just like the Metro Mail app and Office preview, simple and elegant.
  14. Morpheus

    Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!

    I honestly don't know, I tend to remove the white color wherever I can, but the moment I saw Office UI I fell in love with it... Screenshots show that Windows Explorer UI is not completely the same, but it's close enough in my opinion. +1
  15. Morpheus

    Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!

    When I first saw screenshots of the new user interface, I didn't like it at all. But, few days ago I downloaded a Microsoft Office customer preview, and... wow! It looks great! If Windows Explorer is going to look like that, or similar, I will never turn my computer off. :D
  16. Morpheus

    Building the Mail app

    While in application, move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen. The charmbar will open. Then click on the Setting icon- Accounts - Add an account - Choose your account - enter the account information... That's it. :)
  17. Morpheus

    Windows 8 Secrets: New Desktop Theme

    I actually think that this is the ugliest possible user interface that Microsoft could come up with. Too simple, too white, not interesting at all...
  18. Morpheus

    Windows 8 Secrets: New Desktop Theme

    Read more:
  19. Morpheus

    Creating the Windows 8 user experience

    This new interface is ugly. I don't know what's going on in Redmond, but I don't like it at all. If it's going to look like this, I will start making a new skin as soon as Windows 8 comes out.
  20. Morpheus

    Solved Secondary hard drive goes to sleep

    Thank you, GMan, it solved my problem! I set it to 600 minutes, and everything works fine. NoSleepHD works while it's turned on, but I don't like to have anything starting with Windows. Marked as solved.